Review: Thrustmaster T. Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition Headset

It’s kinda been interesting to see what new gear comes from Thrustmaster in terms of gaming materials, and we were stoked to see they’re doing more headsets. The latest brand is a little surreal for us as we received the T. Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition. That’s right, the company made a partnership with one of the […]

Thrustmaster Partners With Bandai Namco For Ace Combat 7 Joystick

Today, Thrustmaster announced they were forging a new partnership with Bandai Namco to make a custom joystick for Ace Combat 7. The new unit called the T.Flight Hotas 4 will debut this week at PAX West and will be playable for the story mode in the game. Here’s a snippet of more info about the stick from […]

How Fast Was I Going, Officer? We Review the Thrustmaster BT LED Display for PS4

While a lot of us who do gaming journalism have been having fun with the company name, the truth is Thrustmaster have been putting out some pretty good products when it comes to extra material for your racing games. We’re talking racing wheels, stick shifts, pedals, even headsets. The latest product to drop from the […]