Thor: Ragnarok

'Thor: Ragnarok' Blu-ray Release Special Features, Hella Hela, and More

Thor: Ragnarok was one of the most delightfully enjoyable entries in the MCU (my personal opinion), and at long last it's coming to physical media (you know, Ultra 4K, Blu-ray and DVD). Perhaps the most anticipated part of the release happens to be Taika Waititi's director's commentary – the pineapple romper-wearing Kiwi has already offered a few […]

Tom Hiddleston signed loki poster

You Could Win a Thor: Ragnarok Poster Signed by Tom Hiddleston

Oh, Tom Hiddleston! Can you do no wrong? Well, at least, in the Marvel universe you seem to be the all-time greatest villain who ever graced the silver screen for the MCU, so you can do no wrong there. In celebration of Hiddleston's birthday, we're giving away three Thor: Ragnarok posters featuring Loki, all signed […]

Tessa Thompson Thinks Marvel's Next Phase Is "Women Rule Supreme"

Tessa Thompson, Thor: Ragnarok's Valkyrie, has some pretty fabulous and bold words for what she thinks Marvel's next film phase is going to be. Tessa spoke to Entertainment Tonight on the purple carpet during Monday's Black Panther world premiere in Los Angeles and she spoke a little bit about everything. She touched on Black Panther director Ryan Coogler (who she […]

Tessa Thompson Supports #FemaleFilmmakerFriday With A Flashback To Sundance

Thor: Ragnarok breakout star Tessa Thompson (who we'll admit we loved before then, but she really was amazing) is not afraid to show her support in shirt form.   My current favorite Friday themed hashtag on the social medias, #FemaleFilmmakerFriday, is a celebration of all the wonderful females working in the film industry. Thompson wanted to show her love […]


How Thor: Ragnarok Should Have Ended

The folks over at How It Should Have Ended took on Thor: Ragnarok and came up with three alternate endings for the film that all seem pretty much in line with the story. One ending includes Loki being Loki, making off with the Tesseract instead of bring back Surtur to help defeat Hela… that's a […]

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth Wants to Continue Playing Thor in the MCU

Chris Hemsworth is interested in continuing to receive millions of dollars to portray sexy thunder god Thor in the Marvel Cinematic universe, a shocking new interview reveals. Hemsworth was speaking to IGN after wrapping filming on Avengers 4 when he dropped the bombshell revelation. "I've just, literally two days ago, finished Avengers 4 and that's […]

Mondo Black Friday Sale Includes Thor: Ragnarok And More

Mondo is having a Black Friday sale with exclusive posters, art books, figures, and pins. The Sale begins on their site at 12 Central. Let's take a look at what is being offered: Thor: Ragnarok by Matt Taylor The first one with the green tint is limited to 425 and costs $60. The orange version […]

Hulk Dazzles In New One:12 Collective Thor Ragnarok Figure

Hulk was the beast part of Thor:Ragnarok if you ask me. This One:12 Collective figure does his appearance in that film justice in a way that I was not sure we would get. I should have known that Mezco wouldn't let me down. This may go down as the best Hulk figure we have ever […]

[SPOILERS] Thor: Ragnarok Screenwriter Talks The Hela Twist And Another Villain

One of the interesting things about Thor: Ragnarok is just how much behind-the-scenes information we're getting. The production has been very open about subplots that were cut and how they decided to implement various different twists. Screenwriter Eric Pearson recently spoke to Yahoo News about some plot points concerning the villain Hena (Cate Blanchett), but […]

Thor: Ragnarok VFX Supervisor Talks Creating Korg

It takes a lot of work to bring a character to life through special effects. As the Marvel movies get crazier and really dig into the aliens side of the universe they have to create bigger and crazier looking creatures. One of the new creatures that Thor: Ragnarok brought to life was Korg played by […]

Thor: Ragnarok, Thor 4

[SPOILERS] Taika Waititi Already Knows How He'd Open Thor 4

There were a couple of really fun cameos in Thor: Ragnarok, and some of them came from some rather large names in Hollywood. Those cameos are considered spoilers — mostly because you want to see them play out for yourself, but also for their content. They are also part of what director Taika Waititi would […]

Thor: Ragnarok Hela Hot Toys Release

Thor: Ragnarok's Hela Absolutely Crushes It In Her Hot Toys Release

Hela is coming to Hot Toys, to the surprise of nobody. For my money, she is the first Marvel villain in a while that felt like she had a purpose. And Cate Blanchett was awesome in the role. You can tell she had a blast doing it. At this point, I almost look as forward […]

Thor: Ragnarok – In Memoriam Of Mjolnir

One of the most shocking moments of the first teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok was the moment Hela (Cate Blanchett) destroyed Thor's (Chris Hemsworth) beloved hammer Mjolnir. It's not a spoiler for anyone who has seen any footage from this movie so the official social media accounts for the movie and Hemsworth himself posted a […]