The Rise of Tiamat

“Dungeons & Dragons” Announced “Tyranny Of Dragons” at SDCC 2019

Wizards of the Coast had a cool announcement at San Diego Comic-Con as they revealed a revised Dungeons & Dragons adventure with “Tyranny Of Dragons”. This book may look new, but it has two adventure modules in one that you may have heard of before. This will be a single special volume re-release of the […]

Preparing for D&D Tales: The Rise Of Tiamat

Continuing our reviews of books previously released for Fifth Edition before we get Tales From The Yawning Portal on April 7, we’re moving right along to The Rise Of Tiamat, the second part of the campaign book Hoard Of The Dragon Queen, which we discussed yesterday. Because this is the second book, it requires your characters […]

The Summer Blockbuster Of Tabletop RPGs: D&D Is Back

By Christopher Helton Despite the growing popularity of games like Pathfinder or Fate Core, there is one game that wags the tail of tabletop gaming, and that is Dungeons & Dragons from Wizards of the Coast. This summer, at the Gen Con gaming convention, the first book of the new, fifth edition of the game […]