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An Argument for an Awesome Age of Adult Animation

An Argument for an Awesome Age of Adult-Focused Animation [Opinion]

Something kind of sad happened in March when the new Hellboy movie tried to raise a ruckus and blast its way into cinemas, yet barely managed to limp its way out the door. The movie cost about $50 million to make, which isn't terrible by modern budget standards in movies, but it only made $40 […]

BC FCBD Roundup: Dimensions Collide with 'Grumble VS. The Goon'

BC FCBD Roundup: Dimensions Collide with 'Grumble VS. The Goon'

Free Comic Book Day 2019 was yet another embarrassment of riches, with just about every comic producing company out there putting a bunch of great, free comics in our eager little hands. But what if you missed something? What if you missed Free Comic Book Day entirely? Is there any hope of catching the books […]

Hellboy, The Goon, and Frankenstein: Three Tales to Chill Your Holiday Spirit

The tree has been trimmed, the lights hung with care, and all about your household good cheer is abundant. This time of year is rife with reflection on time with family and loved ones, perhaps a chance remembrance of good times passed. Sometimes, it's also good to reflect on the darkness that makes us yearn […]

Deadpool Director Says Film's Success May Assist Goon Film Ambitions

Prior to launching Deadpool into its solo success, director Tim Miller worked for years to bring Eric Powell's The Goon to screens in an animated form with the voices of Clancy Brown as the Goon and Paul Giamatti as his sidekick Frankie. As Miller's Blur Studio created credit sequences for David Fincher, he came on-board […]

Bleeding Gen Con: Two Of The Best Four Days In Gaming

By Christopher Helton So, Gen Con happened, and then my computer broke. It has a been a busy couple of days here at the convention, but because of my computer issues, the articles won't be day by day like they were last year. It has been a busy convention, and one that has been full of […]

Booze Geek – Old Ruffian Barley Wine-Style Ale And The Goon

By Dylan Gonzalez Beer: Old Ruffian Barley Wine-Style Ale Brewery: Great Divide Brewing Co. ABV: 10.2% I returned to the mountains of Colorado for this week's edition of Booze Geek. Though, considering the name of the brew, I probably would not have made it far up said mountain and just gotten my butt kicked at […]

Discussions With Scott Allie – Fight Club2 Release Date, Frankenstein Underground, Lady Killer, Past Aways, Ei8ht, The Goon, Rebels, Rat God, And Even More (UPDATE)

We've known as far back as San Diego Comic-Con 2014 that the Spring of 2015 was going to be particularly significant for Dark Horse, releasing Ei8ht, Past Aways, Frankenstein Underground, Rebels, and more. There was a particular emphasis at that time on the ways in which Dark Horse has always been built around a "creator-owned" […]

Big Trouble In Little China: Big Fun In Licensed Comic

By Jared Cornelius I remember a time when licensed comics were absolutely terrible.  Hot garbage like Alf, Mr. T, and WCW comic books helped put a black eye on potentially fun licensed series.  Often poorly written, with little thought or effort seemingly put into them, licensed books were often a sure sign of a stinker to be steered clear of.  That's not to say that all licensed […]

Dark Horse Hallowe'en – Fancy Up Your Pumpkins

Dark Horse Comic has gotten into the Halloween spirit by posting a series of pumpkin carving templates on their facebook page. Here are a few of the ones they put up, with more available on the above link.

Eric Powell To Create Sequel To Chimichanga

Eric Powell was in France for a film festival and during an interview with MDCU Comics, he revealed that he is currently working on a sequel for his comic series from 2009, Chimichanga. When Wrinkle's Travelling Circus' most adorable little bearded girl trades a lock of her magic beard hair for a witch's strange egg, […]

Steve Mannion's Fearless Dawn Is Underground Comics Meets Classic Sci-Fi

I got a chance to read Fearless Dawn: In Outer Space by Steve Mannion thanks to publisher Frank Forte of Asylum Press. I'm not going to talk about the plot of the book because the truth is the plot is not really what matters here. The important thing is both the writing and the art […]

Eric Powell Smirks Slyly To Ryan King About Assorted Goonery

Ryan King writes for Bleeding Cool. He's been talking to Eric Powell at WonderCon. Ryan King: Allow me to begin by saying congratulations on the constant success of your Dark Horse comic series The Goon. The quirky sense of humor, dark seriousness, and glorious monster mayhem make it a top of the pile read whenever […]

30 Second Teaser For Film of Eric Powell's The Goon

I love zombies, like Blur studio and Paul Giamatti, and I'm waiting for somebody to lend me some Goon comics to read so I can get into them, too, but I'm not sure this teaser trailer has me quite convinced about the feature film. It's just… so… normal. Luckily for me, it's just a trailer […]