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Gary Larson's The Far Side Returns... Sort Of

Gary Larson's The Far Side Returns… Sort Of

Making good on the tease posted on back in September, Gary Larson's beloved classic comic strip, The Far Side, makes its return today… kind of. The Far Side is launching a new online destination today, which will feature past strips, historical sketches and doodles from Larson, and in perhaps the most exciting part, the […]

Is Gary Larson's The Far Side About to Make a Comeback?

Is Gary Larson's The Far Side About to Make a Comeback?

Running for fifteen years from 1980 to 1995, Gary Larson's newspaper comic strip The Far Side is amongst the elite of the format, at least for old geezers like us. But Larson has always been against display his work online, so anyone after 1995 who wants to read it would have to buy in collected […]

One-Panel Humorist Lonnie Millsap Launches 5th Book At Los Angeles Speakeasy

By Michele Brittany, West Coast Correspondent As dusk was settling on an early June Saturday evening, humorist Lonnie Millsap was putting out his t-shirts, prints, and his latest book, I Asked for a Fork, on a table set up in the side room of speakeasy bar named The Copper Still Bar located in Los Angeles' […]