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Doomsday Clock cover by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson

Doomsday Clock #1 Review: Amazing Art, Slow Yet Intriguing Plot

So, here it is. The big beluga itself: Doomsday Clock. This is the story what will marry the regular DC Universe to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' legendary Watchmen continuity.           I mean, I'm assuming that's the end goal. DC Universe: Rebirth and The Button both laid the ground work for this merger to happen. […]

Not Only Did Batman #21 Actually Outsell Secret Empire #0 – But So Did Flash #21

As Bleeding Cool pointed out over the weekend, the Diamond sales charts for April might be a little bit misleading. Though Secret Empire #0 topped the chart according to Diamond's listing and writer Nick Spencer's twitter, it was not actually been the top selling comic. According to the recently released Top 100 index from Diamond, both Batman […]

Feels, Twists But No New Breaks In The Case – Batman #22 Review

The third part of The Button, the story-line that has been promised to provide the next major steps in the ongoing mystery of Rebirth, Batman #22 performs spectacularly well in some respects, but slightly under-performs in another. Heading into this review, beware: there are significant spoilers. . . . . The issue itself is great. […]