Tess Fowler

Laura Hudson Talks About Brian Wood, Tess Fowler, and Sexual Harassment in Comics

Laura Hudson Talks About Brian Wood, Sexual Harassment and Tess Fowler

In 2013, Bleeding Cool reported on comic book creator Tess Fowler tweeting a series of statements about being sexually harassed by a specific and high-profile comic book creator. She spoke to Bleeding Cool about the incidents and their impact, but chose not to name him at the time. A week later she changed her mind, […]

Kid Lobotomy #6 cover by Nick Robles

Kid Lobotomy #6 Review: Too Surreal for its Own Good

I'm not even sure where to start with the plot of this one. Kid Lobotomy has a flashback to a time when he saw Big Daddy beat a man to death over a disagreement about a book. Kid runs away, and we return to the present where he is given guidance by a giant cockroach […]

The Comics Industry Talks – Breaking Into Comics

Not entirely sure how this one started. Maybe people started talking about DC's Creator Development Program again, or maybe one creator decided to share and then all the others jumped on. Maybe people just got bored and all had the same idea. At any rate, twitter is awash at the moment with various comic creators, […]

[Updated] 12 Images From Marvel's Venom Variant Month March 2017

Marvel released four of their Venom variants for their "Venom Variant Month" in March 2017 to CBR, quickly then distributing the images over a few sites and which we've collected here.   Well you didn't see that when I published it yesterday (01:00 today my time!), because (like the total newbie that I am) I didn't publish […]

More On The Future (Or Not) Of Rat Queens And Its Creators

Over the weekend, artist Tess Fowler started a two-for-one sale on her Rat Queens original artwork and answered questions about her decision to leave the books. She stated that, despite being assured to the contrary, co-creator Kurtis Wiebe admitted to her that he had lied and that Roc Upchurch, original co-creator of the comic, who left […]

Artist Pushed Out For Roc Upchurch To Return To Rat Queens? (UPDATE)

Recently it was announced by co-creator Kurtis Weibe that Rat Queens was being put on hiatus as a series. There had been troubles since it was discovered that the other co-creator, Roc Upchurch, had been arrested on charges of domestic abuse. While there was no prosecution by the courts, Upchurch admitted to being involved to Bleeding […]

A Deflated Return To Palisade With Rat Queens #16

Today brings the release of Rat Queens #16 from Image Comics, written by Kurtis Wiebe, with art by Tess Fowler. This issue starts a new ARC entitled, "When Beards Collide" which brings the Rat Queens back to Palisade. Upon arrival it's cleared that things have moved along without them, but the chaos effects each one of them differently. The […]

Rat Queens Returns And We Have A Preview

This week, after a month and a half delay, we get the 15th issue of Rat Queens from Shadowline / Image Comics. The issue is written by Kurtis J. Wiebe and drawn by Tess Fowler and is the fifth part of the Demons story arc. A betrayal changes the Rat Queens FOREVER! Prepare to be […]

The Rat Queens Drawing Board…Issue #15 Finally Arrives This Week

A month and a half ago we talked about Rat Queens #15 being delayed. However, this week…the wait is over! We finally get to see how things end up in this story arc, and it looks like it's going to be a game changer… "Demons" Part Five A betrayal changes the Rat Queens FOREVER! Prepare […]

"The Wonderful And Weird" Kurtis Wiebe Talks Rat Queens Vol. 3 And What's To Come

Rat Queens latest issue #13 released last week, which was the third part of the "Demons" story arc. I can safely say that Rat Queens has been one of Image Comics most interesting reads for me, but when writer Kurtis Wiebe sent out these tweets today it make me pretty happy to hear some honesty about how things have been. […]

A Comic Show – Secret Wars On Hip Hop Family Tree!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom, it's a great week of New Comics Now! Invader Zim #2 has landed, Rick and Morty #5 is here, and we have an All New (almost all Bettie) Archie issue. Hip Hop Family Tree #1's "The Coolest Comic Magazine In the Universe", and […]

The Heartfelt And Emotional Appeal Of The Rat Queens Special: Braga #1

Hey Rat Queens fans, have you been itching for a fix? I know I have, so thank goodness Rat Queens Special Braga #1 was released. From Image Comics, written by Kurtis Wiebe with art by Tess Fowler, the story follows secondary character, Braga, who has been featured in a few of the normal Rat Queens […]

Ch-Ch-Changes – Rat Queens To Red Hood

A look through a few solicitations changes between Previews and publication…. Guardians Team-Up #2 will now have cover art by Stephanie Roux, above. All New X-Factor #20 will have art by Carmine Dia Giandomenico and Will Sliney, not the previously solicited Alex Garner. Captain America And The Mighty Avengers #4 will now have art by Iban Soria as well […]

CONFIRMED: Stjepan Šejić Is The New Artist On Rat Queens

Was that a bit of a Rich Twitch? It was only half an hour… Image Comics have just announced, SUNSTONE artist Stjepan Sejic to team up with series writer Kurtis Wiebe Image Comics/Shadowline's New York Times bestselling high fantasy series RAT QUEENS written by Kurtis J. Wiebe will welcome a new artist: Stjepan Sejic of the #1 Amazon […]

Tess Fowler Shows Us Her Powerpuff Girls Cover Alternative

The Powerpuff Girls cover story that we seemed to break out the other day has travelled the internet like wildfire, now ending up in the Guardian (with a headline that would shame Bleeding Cool.) But one comic book creator has her own take on the situation, rather than just railing against the image, she's offered […]

The Shaming Of Sexual Harassment By Social Media

Last month, Bleeding Cool ran an article quoting comic creator Tess Fowler, in which she detailed what she saw as unforgivable behaviour towards her at the hands of another comic book creator. However, since Tess Fowler didn't choose to name names in her tweets, we respected that, and closed the message board to prevent in-thread […]

Tess Fowler And Modern Day Misogyny In The Comics Industry

Tess Fowler is a remarkably accomplished cartoonist with past work published by Zenescope and currently with upcoming graphic novel The Rascals to her name. As part of a recent discussion, she tweeted to Brandon Graham about her own experiences with misogyny in the comics industry. Everybody's mad at @royalboiler for speaking truth. lol I wish […]