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No One Left to Fight #1: The 2nd Printing You Always Wanted

No One Left to Fight #1: The 2nd Printing You Always Wanted

After months of hype, No One Left to Fight by Aubrey Sitterson, Fico Ossio, and Taylor Esposito finally hit stores two weeks ago… and was promptly bought up by readers hungrier for a mature take on classic properties like Dragon Ball than writer Sitterson for a meatless burger at a fast food restaurant. But if […]

Aubrey Sitterson and Fico Ossio No One Left to Fight

No One Left to Fight: Sitterson and Ossio’s Anime ‘Comic You Always Wanted’ Set for July

Aubrey Sitterson, writer of the hit The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling, has been relentlessly teasing “the next great creator-owned series” and “the comic you always wanted” on Twitter for weeks, and the announcement finally broke on geometry-themed video game website Polygon today. Sitterson is teaming with artist Fico Ossio and letterer Taylor Esposito […]

Red Sonja #20 cover by Babs Tarr

Red Sonja #20 Review: Decent Leads Held Back by an Underwhelming Plot

Red Sonja and her allies have found Lord Skath, the previous owner of her sword. She asks why he hasn’t retrieved his blade in the past, and Skath explains what he has done in the time since losing it. He wants to take his land back from the man who took it, Sandak. Red Sonja, […]

poser waxwork comics

Poser #1, a Fun Slasher Comic from Waxwork Comics

Are there truths behind urban legends? Growing up my dad would warn me and my sister of various boogeymen and things that go bump in the night, in an effort to make us behave. But what if some of these creeps were real? In Waxwork Comics’ Poser #1, writer Matt Miner explores that very idea. […]

Advanced Death Saves

How Obama Created ‘Advanced Death Saves’

Josh Trujillo writes: Tabletop gaming and politics don’t cross paths very often, but that’s where Advanced Death Saves began. Advanced Death Saves is a follow-up to the popular Death Saves: Fallen Heroes of the Kitchen Table. These are 30 stories from various creators about their favorite tabletop RPG characters, and how they got killed off during […]