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Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill – 24 Trades Of Christmas

I'm going to go a little outside the norm for this next pick for the 24 Trades of Christmas by recommending two trades here and one of them I co-wrote. Author David Weber has created an amazingly in depth universe based on his character of Honor Harrington and what is now called the Honorverse. Harrington […]

Matt Hawkins Addresses The State Of Top Cow

Once a year Top Cow's President & COO Matt Hawkins likes to give a State of the Union type of address showing where the publisher is and where it's going. And I can tell you, after chatting with Matt for an hour or so the other day, the state of the Top Cow is good. […]

Matt Hawkins On The Economy Of Doing Conventions And Tips For Creators

Matt Hawkins just returned from the LexCon in Kentucky and has been talking up the reality of conventions for creators. Now Matt is of course President of Top Cow, but when he does smaller conventions its just him and he still has to justify the cost as any other creator. And the degree of difficulty […]

A Few Thoughts On Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill

I've been writing for Bleeding Cool for over 2.5 years now and in that time Rich Johnston has said to me on more than one occasion that I should talk more about my writing. The stuff I do outside of BC. I've been a freelance writer for 15 years having gotten my first paid work […]

The Tithe, Postal And Tales Of Honor From Top Cow This Week

Top Cow has three books coming out this week with the Tithe #7, the final issue of Tales of Honor: Bred to Kill and the second volume trade of Postal. And for full disclosure, I am the co-writer of the Tales of Honor series… The Tithe #7 Written by Matt Hawkins Art by Phillip Sevy […]

Udderly Gigantic Humble Bundle From Top Cow

I'm going to go into this admitting that I am biased here. Top Cow has hooked up with Humble Bundle to offer up what they are calling the Humble Comics Bundle: Udderly Gigantic Top Cow Collection… get it… udders… anyway. You can get $600 worth of Top Cow digital comics at pay-what-you-want price. This is […]

Top Cow Previews – The Tithe #6 And Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill #3

We have previews for two new books shipping from Top Cow on 10/21/15. First up is The Tithe #6 by Matt Hawkins, Rahsan Ekedal and Phil Sevy. Hawkins and Ekedal are the creative team behind Think Tank as well. And then we have the third part of the first original comic series based on the […]

Exclusive Advanced Look At Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill #3

This is straight from the printer's proof, the first six pages of Tales of Honor: Bred to Kill #3 from Top Cow. This is an original story that takes place in the Honor Harrington Universe (or Honorverse) created by novelist David Weber. The story is written by Matt Hawkins and Dan Wickline (me) and drawn […]

Top Cow Previews: Poseidon IX and Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill

Here we have a preview for the two Top Cow books shipping next week. Poseidon IX by Tini Howard and Philip Sevy and Tales of Honor: Bred to Kill #2 by Matt Hawkins, Dan Wickline (yes that's me) and Linda Sejic. POSEIDON IX #1 (of 1) Story: Tini Howard Art: Philip Sevy Cover A Philip […]

Tales Of Honor: Bred to Kill Tells Original Honor Harrington Story

Last year Top Cow made a deal to adapt the David Weber novel On Basilisk Station, the first of the Honor Harrington novels, into a comic. Now Matt Hawkins (Think Tank) who did the original series is joined by co-writer Dan Wickline (Artemis IX) and artist Linda Sejic (Wildfire) to create the first ever original comic […]

Exclusive First Look – Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill #1 From Top Cow

The Honor Harrington novels by author David Weber have a huge following and now that they are crossing over into other mediums, the following is only going to continue to grow. Top Cow's initial adaptation of the first Tales of Honor novel On Basilisk Station is now collected into a trade and their Free Comic […]

Top Cow's FCBD Book – Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill #0

If you can't get to a comic shop today, Top Cow has sent us a digital copy of their book Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill #0. This is the second Tales Of Honor series the publisher is doing, where the first one was based on the David Weber novel On Basilisk Station, the new […]

A New Tales Of Honor In June From Top Cow – And A Look At The FCBD #0 Issue

Tales Of Honor, written by Top Cow publisher Matt Hawkins, came out as a comic book last year, drawn by Linda Sejic. Based on the series of Honor Harrington novels written/created by David Weber, and now a game of the same name, intertwining its narrative with that, ahead of a planned movie, it's back in […]

Bleeding Cool's Best Publisher Of 2014

Lots of comic book publishers are publishing lots of great comics. But in 2014, there was one that stood out head and shoulders above the rest in the English-speaking market. Image Comics. Month after month, they launched quality comics such as Deadly Class, Minimum Wage, Egos, The Fuse, Undertow, Revenger, Apocalypse Al, Mercenary Sea, One Hit […]

Cutter, Death Vigil And Tales Of Honor Previews From Top Cow

Three new comics and one collection comes out on October 10th from Top Cow and we've got previews of the three comics right here starting with the weekly Cutter #2, Death Vigil #4 and the conclusion of Tales of Honor with #5. CUTTER #2 (OF 4) Story: Robert Napton & Seamus Kevin Fahey Art / Cover: […]

Top Cow Previews: Genius #1, Tales Of Honor #4 And Cyberforce #10

Top Cow has three books hitting shops this week. The return of the Pilot Series book Genius, the continuation of the David Weber novel adaptation Tales Of Honor and the tenth issue of Cyberforce. TALES OF HONOR #4 Written by Matt Hawkins Art By Sang-II Jeong GENIUS #1 Written by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman Art […]