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Tariffs on Video and Table-Top Games Held at Bay... For Now

Tariffs on Video and Table-Top Games Held at Bay… For Now

Game fans can breath a little easier, at least for a few days. The extensive round of tariffs that were scheduled to go into effect on games produced in China this week has been suspended, at least for the weekend. A cease-fire was called after a meeting with Chinese leadership at the G20 summit, where […]

The Top 5 Games for International Table Top Day

International Table Top Day: Top 5 Games You Should Check out

International Table Top Day was launched by the folks at Geek and Sundry a while back, and I can’t think of a more fun day to celebrate! There are so many really cool and interesting table top games out there right now, with a game on the market for just about every like and interest. […]

Tabletop Games Booming on Kickstarter, But is That a Good Thing?

Tabletop games have been doing phenomenal business on Kickstarter, according to online consultant ICO Partners. Tabletop projects generated over $165 million on the crowd-sourcing giant in 2018 alone, and make up close to a third of the total revenue raised on the site. According to ICO, Tabletop games had seen a 20% increase in funding […]