Supernatural Box

"Supernatural": Culture Fly Delivers Ultimate Winchester Winter Wardrobe Box [REVIEW]

Culture Fly's Supernatural Subscription Box delivers gifts SPN Family members never knew how much they needed. Nearly every item in Winter 2019's installment wards us against the perils of colder weather. This spectacular subscription has fans covered from head-to-toe – literally! I thought it would be tough to top the contents of the Summer 2019 […]

WarnerMedia Joins Disney, Netflix in Stance on Filming in Georgia

AT&T's WarnerMedia Considers $16-$17/Month Streaming Service; DC Universe Future in Doubt?

Remember WarnerMedia's plan to have a three-tiered streaming service system in place? Well, in the ever-changing world of streaming services things have a tendency to change – so scratch all of that. The Wall Street Journal reports that WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey revealed the move to a single-tier system to analyst Craig Moffett of MoffettNathanson. […]

Your Loot Crate Unboxed For October 2015 – It's About Time (SPOILERS)

There was no exclusive comic for Bill & Ted, Doctor Who or Back To The Future for the Time October Loot Crate – despite all of them currently publishing series… but there is a Funko Pop, a T-shirt and… well, something exclusive for Doctor Who that no one saw coming. That's right, a Sonic Spork. […]

Four Color Grails Closes Its Doors

Four Color Grails was a monthly exclusive variant cover subscription box, only containing exclusive variant covers, and at a far lower circulation than, say, Loot Crate. And for $27 a month plus shipping, less for a longer subscription, that was very competitively priced against many other retailers prices for such books. Indeed, just one could be flipped […]

Boxed Up – Loot Crate, Comic Bento, Nerd Block And ZBox

Monthly subscription boxes have been a real jolt in the arm for the comic book market. They don't all come with comics – but some of them do. Here's a semi-regaular look at what is coming your way from some of the bigger guys.. There's 24 hours to sign up to the new Loot Crate, […]

Loot Crate Wants You For A Year – And Will Throw In An Extra T-Shirt

Okay, can't deny it, we're all in to Loot Crate over at Bleeding Cool Towers. The subscription box that causes havoc in the comic book charts every other month and is possibly one of the most biggest comic book outreach programmes going has just added a new deal. The Year Subscription. $215.40, a discount of $24 […]

Image Comics Launches 35% Discount Subscription Service

Marvel does theirs through Midtown Comics. You can get good deals on DC Comics through eBates and Now Image Comics is launching Image Direct, year-long print subscriptions for its line of comic books. In a press release exclusively given to CBR (is that how press releases work these days?) Image Direct will allow subscribing readers to receive […]

Twelve Issues Of Batman For Less Than $16 A Year – $1.33 Each

Currently, Scott Snyder is in battle with DC Comics to get them to bring the price of Batman down from its newly announced price of $4.99 to its previous price of $3.99. But there are other options. Such as this subscription deal with twelve issues of Batman for $15.90, or $1.32 and a half cent […]

Dark Horse Puts Free Digital Halo Comics In September's Loot Crate

We've been noting how the inclusion of a comic book in a subscription box, such as Loot Crate or Nerd Block, can significantly affect the recorded dales of a comic, with both Amazing Spider-Man #1 and Rocket Raccoon #1 seeing significant bumps. Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and The Eleventh Doctor #1 also did rather […]

LootCrate Creates A Firefly Fan Film – The Verse!

[youtube][/youtube] So there's Firefly stuff in the next LootCrate subscription box. So that's why they've made this fan film. Or something… And anyone who wants to sign up for the next LootCrate, with Star Trek, Star Wars and Firefly content can do so here and save 10% with the code SAVE10.

Flipping Your LootCrate And NerdBlock In August

Subscripton collection boxes, they are all this rage! And this is what August's LootCrate got you. An exclusive Groot Funko Pop, a TMNT toy, TMNT sunglasses and some other detritus. All for $20. But what if you were a mercenary soul and put it all on eBay? what then? Well the Groot sold for $117 on […]

Detective Comics #27? You Did It!

At the beginning of the month, we ran this story about DC Comics subscribers being denied a copy of Detective Comics #27. Then we ran a Christmas poem about that article being forwarded to Dan DiDio and him telling the internet that he'd fixed the situation. And now we have the letter confirming it. Folks, […]

How The Cancellation Of CLiNT Will Help Batman Sales

So, this week sees the publication of the final issue of Mark Millar's CLiNT. And it's the first such edition without a Mark Millar comic in it. Instead, the magazine is filled with previews of upcoming Titan Comics publications, interviews with their creators and a feature on the Kick Ass 2 movie. But we also […]

Marvel, Midtown And Subscription Services

Earlier this year, Marvel Comics moved its subscription service from specialist magazine subscription service Sun Belt to New York retailer chain Midtown. But it has not been without teething problems. A Little Bleeding reprted to Bleeding Cool about not receiving any comics for about a month, with multiple unanswered emails for the last few weeks. […]

Would You Buy Batman For A Dollar?

Batman, Dark Knight, Catwoman and Batman And Robin are currently on offer from Discount Mags as $11.99 a year, or $1 an issue. That's 2/3 off the price of Dark Knight, Catwoman and Batman And Robin, or 3/4 off the price of Batman. It's a hell of a good deal and is far less than […]

Aquaman Subscribers Rejoice! A Free Issue!

A while ago, Bleeding Cool reported on the changing subscription titles being offered by post by DC Comics. It looks like Aquaman has escaped the harpoon. And subscribers who were told it was being cancelled are getting an extra free copy for their trouble.