Tampa Bay's Emerald City Comics Celebrates 25 Years

By Christopher Helton It isn't every day that a comic store makes it to twenty five years, and this past weekend local comic store Emerald City Comics wrapped up a month long celebration of reaching this milestone. This weekend's party was a tie-in to the new Batman-related television show Gotham that aired this past week. […]

Comic Shops Without Their Comics

Not everyone is as lucky as Midtown Comics in Times Square. One store in Pennsylvania that closed earlier this week due to the Hurricane but opened on Wednesday, has come to the realisation that no one knows where their week's worth of comics are. Diamond shipped most comics by UPS this week, leading to significant […]

Lying In The Gutters – 29th October 2012

Skottie Young's Wolverine in the manner of Edward Gorey… DC and Marvel closed today, due to the oncoming storm. Diamond closed early too. As a result, this week Diamond is using UPS for almost all retailer deliveries, which may also lead to delays in the following areas; • Delaware: All ZIP Codes • Maryland: All […]

DC Puts Arrow On Retailer Plastic Bags

DC Comics are rushing through a new plastic bag design for comic store retailers, to reflect the new Arrow TV series premiering on CW in October. As well as linking it to the DC New 52 comics… Look for them to appear in stores on the same day that the TV shows airs.

"How Come DC Sell More Graphic Novels, But I Always See More Marvel?"

"Rich, just an observation. You recently reported how DC Comics was outselling Marvel in terms of graphic novels and trade paperbacks in comic stores. Yet in every comic shop I go into, I'm more likely to see Marvel hardcovers on the shelf? What's going on?" It's not just DC trade paperbacks selling quicker than Marvel, […]

Bleeding Cool's Ultimate Black Friday Comic Stores List

It's Black Friday time! So which store and/or website will you be lining up outside? Mondo has its first DC Comics print, painted by JC Richard. Fortress of Solitude (above) will cost $50 and will be available… at some point. Crush Comics of Castro Valley, California is having a sale. No idea what, yet. Chapel […]

Diamond Announces A New Free Comic Book Day For Hallowe'en

Aside from Christmas, Hallowe'en is biggest holiday retail event in the USA. It is also half a year from Free Comic Book Day. This year, Diamond have been promoting a bunch of cheap mini-comics for kids from a number of publishers, to give or sell cheap to kids duting Hallowe'eb season. But next year, it […]

DC Relaunch: The Big Bang Theory In Comic Stores

This is how the mighty media machines stretch their  muscles. We've seen how Warners is using its vast reach to promote the relaunch of the DC Universe. Well now it's payback time. The sitcom that's just not as good as Spaced or The IT Crowd, The Big Bang Theory is going into syndication in America. […]

Details On Flashpoint #5 And Justice League #1 Midnight Openings

DC Comics are giving an extra stack of Flashpoint #5 to retailers who increase their orders for the book. If they order a quarter more than they originally did of Flashpoint #1, then DC will add another quarter on top. So you get 150% for the price of 125%. Looks like there may be a […]

Rory Root, Comic Relief And How The Comics Industry Works

Recently, the East Bay Express ran a profile of local store, Comic Relief in Berkely, California, and its imminent doom. The paper interviewed current store manager Chris Juricich . But lately, the Berkeley store has been hemorrhaging customers. Juricich blames cash-flow problems, which caused Comic Relief to temporarily lose its distributor, Diamond. As of right […]