Steve Englehart

The Comic Book History Of Mantis

With the debut of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 trailer, we got our first look at actress Pom Klementieff as Mantis. Klementieff is a Canadian actress best known for her roles in Oldboy and Hacker's Game. Mantis is a character that has been around a long time and gone through some interesting changes. […]

The Hero Initiative Brings Steve Englehart To Baltimore

I did a small convention in San Jose many years back and was on a panel about comic writing with Steve Englehart. It was one of the panel I've most enjoyed being on, not only because of the stories he had to tell, but the realization that he and I approached writing comic differently. Where […]

A Look Inside The Jose Gonzalez Vampirella Art Edition

Art Editions have become very popular with both IDW and Dynamite making them up now. It's a pretty cool way to see the art you grew up with almost exactly as they were drawn. I have a couple of the Red Sonja Frank Thorne editions and a few of the IDW ones, these books are […]

Silver St. Cloud Arrives In New Gotham Clip

Fox released a new clip from next week's episode of Gotham featuring not just Theo Galvan's attempts to influence Bruce Way, but the first appearance of his niece, Silver St. Cloud. [youtube][/youtube] St. Cloud, created by Steve Englehart and Mike Gold, first appeared in 1977 as a socialite love interested for the Dark Knight. As […]

What Were They Thinking? – Extraño

In 1988 DC Comics had just completed the Millennium event and spun a new series from it called The New Guardians. The series ran only twelve issues before being canceled. Not exactly sure what DC was going for here, perhaps they wanted something controversial and they got it. The series remains a bit infamous for […]

Marvel And Malibu – What's Five Percent Between Friends

Tom Brevoort has been answering questions about the Ultraverse issues raised by Steve Englehart, on Formsporing. Specifically whether it was the 5% royalty issue that caused the non-publication. Brevoort had been named by Englehart as someone who had trued to get Ultraverse comics published of later at Marvel. No, it has nothing to do with […]

Steve Englehart – How 5% Doomed The Ultraverse

In a podcast interview from Alt3red Egos with Steve Engelhart, describing his career in comics, he talked openly about his work on the Ultraverse for Malibu – and what happened when Marvel bought the company and closed down the comics line. Englehart says that in 2004, Tom Brevoort approached him to integrate the Ultraverse into the […]

Jim Shooter Said, Steve Englehart Said

In a long discussion on the topic of whether heroes should or should not kill on Jim Shooter's blog, the conversation, as it invariably does in an open, online discussion, veered off in multiple tangents, one of them being tying characters into real world time and events. This lead to one commenter posting, "The problem, […]