“Levius” is a Lavish, Gorgeous and Violent Steampunk MMA Manga [Review]

“Levius” is a Lavish, Gorgeous and Violent Steampunk MMA Manga [Review]

Haruhisa Nakata’s manga Levius is both derivative and unique. It’s a beautifully-drawn epic of Steampunk martial arts fighters. Levius Cromwell is a sullen teenager who fights in MMA areas, dishing and receiving pain in an endless ritual of atonement and martyrdom. If you just stuck with that, you’d have an MMA manga, but this story […]

BC FCBD Roundup: Steampunk Intrigue with 'Lady Mechanika'

BC FCBD Roundup: Steampunk Intrigue with ‘Lady Mechanika’

Another Free Comic Book Day has come and gone, and as we all cackle with glee at our new found comics riches, one thought keeps creeping into my mind- What about the stuff I missed? I had to work this morning, so by the time I made it to my Friendly Local Comic Shop, quite […]

From Galactus to Spider-Ham: 81 Cosplay Photos from C2E2 Day One

Its the first day of C2E2 and the cosplay abounds! Here is just a sample of the excellent costumes around the convention from Robert Goode, and social media. Rich adds: Thanks Robert, and here’s some more going round on social media… Great array of cosplayers at our #MarvelC2E2 cosplay photo op! #AgentMLovesC2E2 #C2E2 — […]

Fortress Festoon: Exploring Geeky Jewelry and Watches from ThinkGeek

In our latest edition of Fortress Festoon, we’ll go off the beaten path for a second when it comes to home design and focus more on something personal that while still stored at home on display, you can also take around town with you. We’re talking watches and jewelry. While the use of a watch […]

Legenderry Red Sonja #2 cover by Joe Benitez and Beth Sotelo

Legenderry Red Sonja #2 Review: Red Sonja is a Steam-Punk Pirate

Red Sonja helps Tesla to save D’Nar, the son of Gath, from his cruel wizard father. The rescue is a success, and that leads these three and Sonja’s crew to another location that contains a great power. Elsewhere, Tesla’s father makes plans of his own. Plus, Gath is not deterred by the freedom of his […]

carnival row andrew gower

Jamie Harris and Outlander’s Andrew Gower Set for Carnival Row

Amazon continues “auditioning acts” for their upcoming Carnival Row, adding Andrew Gower (Outlander‘s Prince Charles Edward Stewart) and Rise of the Planet of the Apes‘s Jamie Harris as series regulars to the eight-episode fantasy series from Rene Echevarria, Travis Beacham, Paul McGuigan and Legendary Television. Gower and Harris are set to join previously announced leads Orlando Bloom […]

The Pain Never Ends: A Quick Review Of ‘Vaporum’

Vaporum is a steampunk grid-based dungeon crawler where you’re thrown into the role of a lone soldier/explorer stranded at a tower in the middle of the ocean. Much like other games in the genre, your task is to explore the place and figure out every question under the sun. What is the place? Who built […]

Carnival Row: Amazon Adds 4 New Cast Members For Fantasy Drama Series

Amazon continues to wield its casting magic over the upcoming Carnival Row, adding David Gyasi (Interstellar), Karla Crome (Misfits), Indira Varma (Game of Thrones), and Tamzin Merchant (Salem) to the eight-episode fantasy series from Rene Echevarria, Travis Beacham, Paul McGuigan and Legendary Television. They will be joining previously announced leads Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the […]

Steampunk X-Files With The Boston Metaphysical Society

Neil Greenaway (of Nerd Team 30) writes for Bleeding Cool – Bleeding Cool: Today I am sitting here at Phoenix Comic Con speaking to Madeleine Holly-Rosing about The Boston Metaphysical Society. So first, just by way of introduction, can you give us just a brief synopsis of what the story is about so far? Madeleine […]

Playing Producer With Dynamite’s The Precinct

There are a lot of movies and television series that are based on comic books. Wyonna Earp just started up and Preacher, Outcast and more on the way. Captain America: Civil War kicks off a summer that also includes X-Men: Apocalypse and Suicide Squad. We just got word last week that Freeform (formally ABC Family) […]

It’s Steampunk Western Time

Scott Wilke writes, I love the Old West. I grew up on films like Once Upon a Time in the West, Magnificent Seven, and A Fistful of Dollars. I loved to read about Billy the Kid, Doc Holliday, and Bat Masterson. There was something (for lack of a better word) legendary about the time period. […]

Arcana’s HP Lovecraft And Steampunk Oz Exclusives For SDCC ’15

Comics from Arcana at San Diego Comic Con – and I can see something my children will be fighting over… Cthluhu Plush (in guide) – $20 Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu stories, this limited edition plush makes a great addition alongside your Lovecraft novels. This exclusive toy is a must for any Lovecraft fan and […]

A Steampunk Extravaganza Of Comics And Literature At Clockwork Couture In Burbank

By Michele Brittany, a West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent Clockwork Couture, a Burbank-based steampunk shop, hosted “a steampunk extravaganza of comics and literature” as well as holiday craft faire last Saturday afternoon. There were several vendors were set up outside of the shop under canopy umbrellas selling jewelry, artwork, clothing accessories that would be welcomed […]

Joe Benitez Plans To Publish Three New Issues Of Lady Mechanika In Three Months

Lady Mechanika returns this February with a brand new issue 4, the fourth chapter of “The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse” from Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald. After leaving Aspen Press for pastures new, there hasn’t been much seen of the steampunk corseted gal. Well, in February from Benitez Productions expect to see a collection of […]

Becoming A Bee At MCM London Comic Con 2014

The Island Of Doctor Geof is a favourite stop at the MCM London Comic Con for me, since they went all mahogany. Steampunk isn’t exactly new at such gatherings, but this is steampunk with a very silly flavour,  emphasis on tea making, cross dressing and insect husbandry. And this show’s new offering concentrates on the […]