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Star Wars Line of Shoes Debuts From Adidas

Star Wars Line of Shoes Debuts From Adidas, Based on Iconic Ships

Star Wars and Adidas have paired up for a new line of shoes based on the looks of three iconic ships from the franchise. The X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, and the Death Star all have new shoes for fans to show off on their feet, all available starting today. The X-Wing and Falcon shoes will run […]

star wars shoes

Walk Like A Droid: Star Wars Shoes From Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice is amazing. I have long admired the UK-based shoe company, which creates unique and fun shoe designs. You can find shoes with unicorns, ice cream, glitter, Mickey Mouse, or R2-D2, and in this case, I found the shoe I was looking for. For starters, this shoe is beautiful. I love the throwback ’80s […]