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22 'Star Wars' Books Leading up to 'Rise of Skywalker' Are Coming!!

22 ‘Star Wars’ Books Leading up to ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Are Coming!!

Today is May the 4th, officially recognized as a celebration of Star Wars and all things from the galaxy far, far away. It’s also a great day for LucasFilm and Disney to announce some upcoming goodies- like the news that there will be a series of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker tie-in novels being released that […]

Star Wars – Grand Admiral Thrawn is Back in Thrawn: Treason

A Star Wars fan favorite is coming back. Today on The Star Wars Show it was announced that in 2019 Lucasfilm Publishing will release a third book in the highly acclaimed Thrawn series, authored by Timothy Zahn. In this third installment, Thrawn: Treason, Grand Admiral Thrawn, will be forced to choose between his adopted Empire […]

Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy Book by Amy Ratcliffe Coming This Fall

It was announced this morning that long-time Star Wars fan and well-known journalist Amy Ratcliffe has written a tome detailing one of our favorite parts of the galaxy far far away, the strong women. Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy will feature some of the most iconic women in space opera like Leia Organa, Rey, Ahsoka Tano, Jyn […]