star citizen

Check Out This ‘Star Citizen’ Gameplay Footage From CitizenCon

If you’ve been waiting to see some new awesome footage from Star Citizen, now is the time for you to check out the video below. We’ve cued it up to roughly when the gameplay starts, but this footage was taken from CitizenCon where Cloud Imperium Games had a live demo of the game, as narrated by Chris […]

New Update Coming For ‘Star Citizen’ In June

The latest “Production Schedule Report” from Robert’s Space Industries came out last night and gave details into the latest 3.0 update coming for Star Citizen. The massively expansive space simulator from Cloud Imperium Games will be receiving a lot of cool stuff on June 29, including new places to go like the moon Celin, which you can see […]

Star Citizen Developer Has Decided To Share Internal Schedules To Calm Community

Star Citizen‘s development has been going on for years and years now, and the production has raised more than $100 million in crowd funding. However, it has continually missed set dates, and while content has come out of Cloud Imperium Games, it’s hard to know exactly the state the project is in. It seems the developer […]

Gillian Anderson Has Fun (I Think) On The Star Citizen Set In New Video

I don’t quite understand how Star Citizen exists yet. The game has garnered $100 Million in crowd funding, promising the world with its go anywhere space antics, and defies most conventional logic. What the game is and what it will be is still very much getting sorted out as the project slowly moves along. One […]

Star Citizen Has Now Passed $100 Million In Funding

Star Citizen is a mind blowing crowd funding example. The game just keeps chugging along, earning millions of dollars, while the game is continually built. Well, how about this? The game has now garnered over $100 million in crowd funding as pointed out by GameSpot. This is the figure that creator Chris Roberts said he was […]