Lindsey Vonn

Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Hits the Slopes as Captain America

Lindsey Vonn hit the slopes in a most patriotic and nerdy way. Wearing a Captain America-themed suit from the Marvel-themed performance line by Spyder, Vonn posted the following photos to social media with the quote, “Who said Captain America has to be a man anyways…” This isn’t the first time the Marvel-themed outfits have been […]

Superhero School… No Really, A School To Teach You How To Be A Superhero

Got an email this morning from a group that is putting together a real-life school to train people in the art of being a superhero… The plan is to create HERO, a community-center style business in Brooklyn that will teach: MMA, Parkour, self defense, personal safety, health & fitness, and heroic ideals and values. HERO will […]