Mahershala Ali

Mahershala Ali Looking at ‘Solitary’ Role for Fox Searchlight

Albert Woodfox has a very interesting story. He spent 43 years locked up in solitary confinement for a murder he maintains he had nothing to do with. That story could be coming to cinemas soon, with Mahershala Ali voicing interest in the lead role. Deadline announced that Fox Searchlight was making a deal to pick […]

C.W. Cooke and Devils Due Ink a TV/Movie Deal With Adam Ripp for Solitary

Writer and creator C.W. Cooke and publisher Devil’s Due announced a development deal for Solitary, a comic Cooke worked on throughout his life and successfully Kickstarted in 2014 with art by Nando Souzamotta, Carl Yonder, and Greg And Fake. Producer Adam Ripp’s Vega Baby will develop the comic for film and television, a press release revealed. Solitary follows […]

Prints Charming – Lumberjanes And Solitary

Solitary #1 from Devil’s Due has followed its Squarriors counterpart and gone for a second printing… Lumberjanes #9 has also gone to a second print. Hang on, I recognise that cover from somewhere… Clearly we are playing with the cool kids now.

Solitary: A Comic Book Series

CW Cooke writes for Bleeding Cool: What if Superman was on the Green Mile? When a hero is wrongly executed on death row, he awakens to find that he may just be immortal. Orange is the New Cape, and the series will explore what it means to be a superhuman behind bars. Hello! My name […]

Superheroes In The Slammer In November

I confess, I am the kind of folk who looks down on much of what Devil’s Due has published over the years, with the possible exception of Hack/Slash. Too much seemed exploitative, lazy and just boring. Yesterday, I was surprised by the news of their upcoming comic Squarriors which seemed a league away from the […]