Super7’s Boodega is a Universal Monsters Fan’s Dream

Super7 is hosting their second activation of the week in San Diego. That’s right, second. After the success of Hordak’s Lair, they had a tough act to follow. Luckily they had the right stuff to do it. The Universal Monsters Boodega was the big coming out party for their new line of products based on […]

Super7 Universal Monsters Bodega SDCC Ed Repka Prints Frankenstien

Super7 and Universal Monsters Go Big at SDCC Pop-Up Event

Super7 is basically tying to get all of my time and money at this years SDCC. To help celebrate their new collaboration with the Universal Monsters brand, they will have a Universal Monsters Boodega Monstore pop-up event at their San Diego location Friday night-Sunday at SDCC this year. All sorts of new exclusive and amazing […]


Nerd Food: Tiny Monster Sunkist Soda

Whenever I do a Target run (which is weekly, because I have zero self control), I always go through their seasonal section. And seeing as how right now it’s Halloween season, I have even more reason to visit Target as often as I can. There is a ton of Halloween-themed candy and food out as […]

Nerd Food: Spider-Man Cups Now Available At Local Theaters

By now, I’m sure the bulk of you have seen Spider-Man: Homecoming. I enjoyed the hell out of the movie, although I’m still partial to the first two Spider-Man movies and I pretend the Amazing ones didn’t happen. Anyway! There’s a lot of awesome movie tie ins for SMH currently, and one of them you […]