Shroud Only Got A Third Of His Audience To Follow Him To Mixer

Shroud Only Got A Third Of His Audience To Follow Him To Mixer

The battle lines for major streamers being on platforms like Mixer, Twitch, and Facebook are being drawn every day, some coming with unforeseen effects. A few different websites have been tracking the audience move after streamers announce they’re going from one platform to another, and the latest result may have some rethinking possible moves. StreamMetrics […]

Several Streamers Will Star In A New Multipleyer Title "LMAO: The Game"

Several Streamers Will Star In A New Multiplayer Title “LAMO The Game”

LAMO LLC announced this week that several streamers will be making an appearance in their new multiplayer title, LAMO The Game. The streamers will be playable characters and include familiar names such as Ninja, Shroud, TimtheTatman, Lirik, and Summit1G. You can see them all in action with the fresh new trailer below. LAMO The Game is […]

Popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Player Banned for Using Flying Car

Take note, streamers! It doesn’t matter how popular you are, if you use a hack in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you’ll get banned. That’s the harsh lesson that one of the game’s most popular streamers is learning this week as Shroud has been banned for a month over probably one of the most useless hacks in the game. […]

PUBG and deadmau5 Getting Together for a Twitch Prime Event

Mark your calendars for July 13th: PUBG and deadmau5 are coming together for a special Twitch Prime event featuring an unboxing. We’re not exactly sure what the company plans to unveil, only that they’re trying to pull out some big names to hype it. Popular streamers like Shroud, Dr DisRespect, and AnneMunition will be joining the DJ in Los […]