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Martin Freeman Says Sherlock Isn’t Fun Anymore

Martin Freeman has been doing the press tour in support of Black Panther. The actor reprises his role as Everett K. Ross that he first played in Captain America: Civil War. And while Freeman has had many high-profile roles, including his long run in the original British version of The Office and playing Bilbo Baggins […]


Injection #14 Review: The Doctor Is A Black Irish Lesbian Now, And It Rules

Injection #14 released by Image Comics, written by Warren Ellis and with art by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire, continues the teams weird and twisted journey through British storytelling. Because that is what Injection is all about, really: British fiction. Ellis has discussed this idea before, but as each arc has focused on a different […]


Steven Moffat And Sue Vertue Talk Sherlock Holmes And Manga At San Diego Comic-Con

Alex Roberts writes: Titan Comics brought their new Sherlock Manga series to San Diego Comic-Con with Sherlock showrunner Steven Moffat and his wife and producer Sue Vertue. The manga series, based on the stories written by the show’s co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, features characters in the likeliness of the show actors Benedict Cumberbatch and […]

‘Sherlock’ Gatiss, Moffat Stake Claim To ‘Dracula’ Reboot

Because “The King of the Vampires” fears sunlight, garlic, crosses and a month going-by without another reboot of his backstory, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is getting Sherlock-ized , as writers/producers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat reunite for a different spin on the classic vampire novel.  Variety reports that Gatiss and Moffat will serve as writers on […]

Sian Brooke Talks Playing Eurus Holmes

Actress Sian Brooke fooled a lot of people in her portrayal of four different characters in the fourth series of Sherlock. We first meet her in The Six Thatchers as Elizabeth, the girl on the bus that John Watson texts with. Then in The Lying Detective, she plays both a version of Culverton Smith’s daughter […]

What Did The Final Problem Mean For Sherlock And The Woman?

With last night’s airing of The Final Problem, we may have seen the end of Sherlock. Not Sherlock Holmes, there will always be another version of the legendary detective. But our last chance to see Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as the Baker Street Boys. Hopefully not, a lot of people enjoy the show, myself […]

Sherlock – The Reveal Of E And What It Might Mean

Last night’s episode of Sherlock, the Lying Detective, ended with a twist that could change the entire series. So spoilers below. . . . . . . The first episode of Sherlock this season was meant to put the show back on path to the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle canon. While the second episode seems […]

Toby Jones Goes To New Dark Places With His Sherlock Role

Toby Jones will be making his Sherlock debut tomorrow night as Culverton Smith in the Lying Detective. In the video below the actor talks about playing the new villain and what excited him in the new script. Seems Jones like playing dark characters and this particular script lets him go to dark places he hasn’t […]

Meet Culverton Smith, Sherlock Holmes Darkest Enemy

Going into this fourth series of Sherlock, we knew that Toby Jones was going to be playing a big bad for this season in the same way that Lars Mikkelsen played Charles Augustus Magnusson in the third series. But we didn’t know which character he would be playing… until recently. The second episode is where […]

Sherlock – The Problem With Shooting Years Apart

As a fan, the wait between Sherlock series can seem to be insanely long. Game of Thrones started a year later, yet we’re coming up to season 7 of the HBO series while we are just getting started on series 4 of Sherlock. And it seems like forever between GoT series. But there’s a downside […]

Why The Ending Of Sherlock Wasn’t Really Surprising

Spoilers here. Big honking, red-nosed spoilers… okay, not sure that that means, but if you haven’t seen the first episode of Sherlock series 4, The Six Thatchers, then go away. Scurry. Unless your thing is spoilers, in which case stick around. But this is your only warning. . . . . . Just a few […]

Cast Of Sherlock Teases What Is Coming In Series Four

Some of the cast has gotten together to give us a hint about what season four of Sherlock has in store for us. Rupert Graves, Amanda Abbington and Louise Brealey all seem to be excited about the new season, as you’d expect. But to hear that there are some nasty creatures and some magic in […]

Rebuilding 221b Baker Street

Here’s something you might not think about. With a series like Sherlock that films irregularly, you can’t really just leave sets up all the time. And while a lot of the series is filmed on location and in new settings, certain ones are recurring like 221b Baker Street where Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Watson (Martin […]

Cast Of Sherlock Talks About The New Baby

The cast of Sherlock talks about the changes having a baby on the set makes and just how Sherlock will react to John and Mary’s new child. Benedict Cumberbatch seems to think that his character is a guardian angel… Sherlock season 4 kicks off on New Years Day.

Mark Gatiss Discusses Where He’d Like To See Sherlock End

Sherlock is a very on/off TV show. That comes down almost exclusively to how hard it is to get everyone’s schedules on the same page. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are some of the biggest stars nowadays, so that must be tough. However, we do have a Season 4 coming up, but with no commitment […]

The Ladies Of Sherlock On What’s It Like Being Back

Forget Christmas, I’m looking forward to New Year’s Day when we get to unwrap a new episode of Sherlock. In this quick featurette about the new series, Una Stubbs (Mrs. Hudson), Louise Brealey (Molly Hooper) and Amanda Abbington (Mary Watson) talk about returning to the show that feels like family to them. They appear to […]

Freeman And Abbington Split As Sherlock Season 4 Is Set To Premiere

We don’t go much into covering celebrity relationships here on BC. It just doesn’t fall into our wheelhouse normally unless it has a bigger effect. Like Milla Jovovich’s pregnancy moving the filming of a Resident Evil film. The news that came out yesterday falls in that category as well. Martin Freeman and Amanda Abington have […]

Sherlock Video Captures The First Week Of Filming With Mark Gatiss

Sherlock is just about to (finally) make its return after a rather long hiatus. The gap obviously has fans chomping at the bit for anything Sherlock related right now, and we might have something for you. This video has just turned up on the Sherlock YouTube channel, and it shows Mark Gatiss after finishing the […]

Sherlock Season 4 Trailer Promises Some Dark, Secret Love

Sherlock Season 4 is just around the corner now, with the series finally coming back on New Year’s Day. To get you excited, here is a new trailer showing off the trials Sherlock is most certainly going to be going through this season. Gone is his cool and calm persona, with the character looking quite […]