Sergio Bonelli

Chuck Dixon, The First American To Write Tex?

  Well it didn't work out for Mike Deodato. But for Chuck Dixon, it seems to have gone rather well. Dixon has written for Tex, the hugely popular Italian Western comic from Sergio Bonelli Editore. This is the first time an American has written Tex. Indeed, the only non-Italian to date was the Spanish writer […]

Mike Deodato Addresses Regarding Sergio Bonelli Editore

Brazilian comic book artist Mike Deodato, currently working on New Avengers, got in quite a back-and-forth with Sergio Bonelli Editore editor Mauro Boselli. You can read their private e-mails here. Writing for Bleeding Cool, Deodato told us, He who angers you conquers you. ~Elizabeth Kenny. I learned this week how true this can be. This […]

Mike Deodato Vs. Mauro Boselli Over Tex – The E-Mails

  Mike Deodato is a big fan of the Italian western character Tex published by Sergio Bonelli. He has talked up his desire to draw a story featuring the character, even though he is exclusive to Marvel Comics. Lately, we learned he was trying to draw a story for them. Clearly it didn't go down too well. He […]

Dylan Dog – The Most Published Comic Book Character Today?

Yesterday, we pointed out that Tex Willer, Italian cowboy character has more pages produced a year than, say, Batman or Spider-Man, with a monthly 100 page comic, and almost fifty creative teams currently working on stories for the character. But can anyone beat him? Why yes, from the same Italian publisher Sergio Bonelli. Dimeweb has […]

How Magic Wind Will Be Blowing Across America

Last week we ran some news on the US version of the Italian comic Magic Wind from Epicenter Comics in San Diego. Now we have some idea of how they are planning to do it. Each of the 96 page black and white original Italian editions will be reprinted as three 32 page colour editions. […]

The Prodigious Output Of Sergio Bonelli Editore In 2011

This year, Sergio Bonelli, one of the most influential people in the comics industry, passed away. But his studio has kept going. In 2011, Sergio Bonelli Editore saw published 17,789 pages of comics created by his studio. Their most prolific artist, Carrado Roi drew 724 of those pages on his own. Combined, that's enough to […]