Saviors of Uldum

The "Hearthstone" Solo Adventure "Tombs Of Terror" Pre-Order Available

The “Hearthstone” Solo Adventure “Tombs Of Terror” Pre-Order Available

Blizzard has announced this week that the next Hearthstone solo adventure, Tombs of Terror, which is tied to Saviors Of Uldum, is available for pre-purchase. The first chapter is free and will go live on all platforms on September 17th. But for the complete adventure, you’ll need to plunk down $20. You can read more […]

"Hearthstone" Reveals Next Expansion Deck "Saviors of Uldum"

Blizzard Releases “Saviors Of Uldum” Into “Hearthstone” This Week

This week, Blizzard is finally adding the latest Hearthstone expansion, Saviors Of Uldum, to the servers for people to play with. You can now balance out some of the other decks in the mix as The League of Explorers have arrived stop the vile plans of Arch-Villain Rafaam and his band of nefarious ne’er-do-wells in […]

"Hearthstone" Reveals Next Expansion Deck "Saviors of Uldum"

“Hearthstone” Reveals Next Expansion Deck “Saviors of Uldum”

Blizzard announced a brand new expansion coming to Hearthstone next month as players will be dealing with the “Saviors of Uldum”. After all the events that took place over the spring with the various villain expansion cards, you knew the League Of E.V.I.L. would end up meeting their match at some point. Enter: the League […]