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Westeros Gets Starbucks Before Wakanda: That 'Game of Thrones' Cup Oops

'Game of Thrones': HBO Decaffeinates Episode's Starbucks Oops

For any fans of HBO's Game of Thrones still looking for that now-(in)famous Starbucks product placement during recent episode "The Last of the Starks," they'll have to settle for their original recorded version and the internet. HBO has removed "The Coffee Cup Seen 'Round the World" from the episode on streaming platforms HBO Now and […]

'Game of Thrones' Sisterhood-Strong: Maisie Williams is Sophie Turner's Maid of Honor

'Game of Thrones' Sisterhood-Strong: Maisie Williams is Sophie Turner's Maid of Honor

It comes as no surprise that Stark Sisters (and real life BFFs) Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams have some pretty strong bonds. The pair have played siblings since 2010, and have grown as actresses and women across their 9 years of production on Game of Thrones. We're pretty delighted that Turner, who will be soon marrying Joe Jonas, […]

'Game of Thrones' Season 8: Sansa Gets Battle Armor?!

The 8th and final season of HBO's hit series Game of Thrones is just under two months away, and we feel like Jon Snow- we know NOTHING!  This is probably for the better- being surprised by twists and turns and the likely ending of the saga of Westeros by fire and ice. That said- there are […]

Wanna Know What Sophie Turner Kept from 'Game of Thrones'? It's Uplifting!

Anytime a film or show completes filming, there inevitably is the question of "did you take anything from set?" and "if so, what?" We already know that answer from Kit Harington from his time on Game of Thrones, but what did Sophie Turner take? We can almost make the same joke we did about Harington's "item(s)", as Turner adopted […]

Let's Talk About that 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Teaser

After months of waiting, HBO finally revealed when the 8th and final season of their high fantasy drama series Game of Thrones will be premiering- April 14th, 2019. Included with the date announcement, something we were hoping for but weren't expecting; a teaser for the upcoming final season of the series based on George R. R. Martin's […]

Here's What We Know About 'Game of Thrones' Season 8

What does anyone really KNOW about HBO's Game of Thrones 8th and final season? Okay well, we know it's….the….final season? According to Entertainment Weekly, there are certainly some things viewers can expect to see when we return to Westeros sometime in 2019. Season 8 opens at Winterfell with an episode that contains plenty of callbacks to the […]

Engagement To Game Of Thrones' Sophie Turner Sparks Fear For Life Of Joe Jonas

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner has gotten engaged to musician Joe Jonas. The pair announced the engagement in cute crossover Instagram posts: View this post on Instagram. View this post on Instagram. But is this a cause for celebration, or for concern? This isn't the first engagement for the 21-year-old Turner. As Sansa Stark […]

Game Of Thrones: Sophie Turner Talks Sansa In Season 7

HBO really hit the jackpot of high fantasy television when optioning George R. R. Martin's epic novel set "A Song Of Ice And Fire" into their Game Of Thrones show. They got even luckier with their casting, especially where Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark is concerned. Sure, luck doesn't have a lot to do with it, […]

'Game of Thrones' Season 7 Trailer Echoes Battles To Come (WATCH)

HBO has released another new trailer for the seventh and penultimate season of Game of Thrones, which is set to premiere on July 16. The coming winter set to befall the Seven Kingdoms is the focus of the trailer, with House Stark's iconic words taking on a new and even deadlier meaning: winter is here, […]

First Images From Game Of Thrones Season Seven

An add for upcoming moments on HBO ran last night during Westworld and Game of Thrones fans went crazy. Screen grabs popped up on-line and folks tried to scramble to see what they meant. The images are of Jon Snow, Sansa Stark and Arya Stark. It appears that Sansa is standing in front of the weirwood tree […]

HBO Teases Last Two Game Of Thrones Episodes Of The Season

With only two episodes left for the fifth season of Game Of Thrones, HBO has released the following trailer showing us what to expect. This has been a season of controversy and change. As the season wraps up fans have to wonder what will happen in season six as the TV show has just about […]

A Behind The Scenes Look At The Controversial Game Of Thrones Episode Six

HBO has released this behind-the-scenes look at episode 6 of Game of Thrones. As much as the show is about war, it's also about politics and this episode shows that marriage for the powerful is just another political tool to strengthen alliances and to gain loyalties. Most of the time those who are being wed […]

Difficult Decisions And Unlikely Allies – Game Of Thrones Trailer

On tonight's episode of Game Of Thrones: Dany makes a difficult decision in Meereen. Jon recruits the help of an unexpected ally. Brienne searches for Sansa. Theon remains under Ramsay's control. Game Of Thrones airs Sundays 9 PM on HBO. [youtube][/youtube]