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Does Adventure Time Make More Sense Now? John DiMaggio and Adam Muto Talk at SDCC

Sean Aitchison wrote for Bleeding Cool from San Diego Comic-Con: The final episode of Adventure Time is quickly approaching, bringing a close to one of the most widely loved and influential animated series of all time. At San Diego Comic-Con 2018 I took part in a roundtable interview with John DiMaggio and Adam Muto, where […]

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Talking Super7 Toys with Jeremy Konrad During San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Toys are Jeremy Konrad’s thing. He’s made a career out of talking about toys and making us genuinely excited for the latest and greatest action figures. During San Diego Comic-Con 2018 I got a few minutes to sit down with him and talk about the Super7 exclusive toys from SDCC, as well as other cool […]

dc super hero girls: legends of atlantis

DC Super Hero Girls: Legends of Atlantis Review – A Clean, Fun Adventure [SDCC]

Erin Wilhelm writes: DC Super Hero Girls: Legends of Atlantis starts out with a flashback to Wonder Woman’s (Grey Griffin) childhood on Themyscira. Diana is playing on the beach while, unbeknownst to her, a sea witch named Mera (Erica Lindbeck) is using the magical Book of Legends to open an underwater trench filled with evil […]

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 in 300 Articles on Bleeding Cool

That was the weekend that was… San Diego Comic-Con in 300 articles that ran over Bleeding Cool from Wednesday until last night. We still have plenty more to run, but if you want to catch up, here might be a good place to start browsing. Wednesday Pokémon Go at SDCC 2018: Unowns Everywhere Nerd Food: […]

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Cosplay Gallery from Thursday at SDCC: Star Wars Galore

They’re terrifying. They’re adorable. They’re hilarious. They’re downright mind-blowing. Here’s some more of the absolutely insane cosplay San Diego Comic-Con has to offer! And if you missed them, check out our first batch of amazing cosplayers. All photos courtesy of Danny D Photography.

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Charmed Reboot (Mostly) Wins Fans Over at SDCC Screening and Panel

Words and photos by Alex Arevalos, on site at San Diego Comic-Con 2018: The screening of the new Charmed reboot’s first episode opened to a packed room of fans expecting something that would take up the mantle of the original. The crowd reacted to the writing with a fair number of chuckles and a couple large […]

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29 Cosplay Shots from Wednesday at SDCC 2018 – Pennywise to Pokémon

It’s no secret that San Diego Comic-Con features some of the most impressive, dedicated cosplayers the nerd world has to offer. Here are just a few that Bleeding Cool’s on-the-scene photographer Alex Arevalos caught up with on Wednesday. Stay tuned for much, much more over the course of the weekend!

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Neil Gaiman/Mark Buckingham Miracleman Announcement at Cup O’ Joe on Friday?

Yesterday morning Bleeding Cool read the runes in the Marvel Spotlight magazine with a new ad for the Miracleman collections amongst all the launching titles. And we decided that this might mean Marvel Comics was to announce that the new Miracleman stories from Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham might actually go ahead — so much so […]

WonderCon Statistics at San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Thanks to Bleeding Cool’s Jeremy Konrad for these images from the San Diego Comic-Con Press Preview, with Comic-Con International promoting their other show WonderCon in Anaheim. And definitely trying to paint it in the manner of San Diego. And they come with statistics… A reach of 2.9 billion? Half the planet? Not including social media? I […]

San Diego Unveils All-Year-Round Comic-Con Museum [VIDEO]

It was announced as opening in Balboa Park, in San Diego. And now get to take a look inside. Welcome to Comic-Con Museum. We’ll have more from the San Diego Comic-Con Press Preview later tonight. Executive director Adam Smith and the team have a booth on the show floor #1714 and will host a panel […]

The Bleeding Cool San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Rumour Checklist

Here’s a list of the comic book rumours we have heard whirling around and expect to get answers to at San Diego Comic-Con — and a few pre-announcements have already seen them checked off. Feel free to play along at home as the week continues… You can also look back at past San Diego Comic-Con checklists […]

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Bleeding Cool’s Giant San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Party List

Thanks to the SDCC Unofficial Blog, The Hollywood Reporter, my bulging inbox, and a little Google …. what to do after in San Diego Comic-Con when the clock ticks past 7 p.m. If you want to add any more, contact And for nostalgia, why not check out the San Diego Comic-Con Party Lists lists for […]

Will We See Deadpool Strangle Baby Hitler at San Diego Comic-Con?

It was one of the scenes reportedly cut from Deadpool 2 after early showings to punters went a little skew-whiff. Apparently the final mid-credit scenes in which Deadpool uses Cable’s time machine to change the past also included a callback to earlier comments about the appeal, or not, of killing Adolf Hitler as a child. And […]

Snoopy in Space? Peanuts Launches Woodstock NASA Comic at San Diego Comic-Con

The Peanuts stand at San Diego Comic-Con is a familiar one, at Booth 1635. This year, however, they have their own exclusive mini-comic to bring along… along with the usual Charlie Brown accoutrements. Except this time it is all about celebrating the space mission and Peanuts’ role in that. Zine – ‘Mission (Out of) Control’ Before […]

Alex Ross’s San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive Sketchbooks, Covers, and Prints

The Alex Ross Art setup will be at Booth 2415 at San Diego Comic-Con for 2018 with all these goodies available. Origins: Superman Matted Lithograph Origins: Superman is a fine art matted lithograph exclusively available through Alex Ross Art. This dynamic illustration by Alex Ross is from the graphic novel Superman: Peace on Earth.  Ross […]

Lucas Turnbloom’s Harry Potter-Styled San Diego Public Library Card

The San Diego Public Library will be part of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con 2018, hosting a number of events as Booth 5523. And they will be giving away the limited edition San Diego Public Library 2018 Comic-Con Library Card to California residents at the show, the only officially licensed Comic-Con library cards in existence. This year’s […]