Roll7 Passes Laser League Development Over to 505 Games

Today, Roll7, the developers of Laser League officially announced they were passing development control to publisher 505 Games. The company made a blog post this morning detailing why they made the change, which ultimately comes down to the fact that the company is taking a break. We’re fairly confident they’re not really taking a break (why […]

Laser League Gets an Official Release Date for May

After a bit of beta testing and going through the usual hoops when it comes to being in Early Access, 505 Games announced today that Laser League will finally get a proper release in May 2018. The game’s formal release is being set for May 10th and will be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox […]

Laser League Gets A New Trailer Before Betas Start This Weekend

505 Games and Roll7 will be launching the first beta testing times this weekend for Laser League, which is their version of a futuristic sport come to life where teams of three will do battle in an electronic arena that feels like Tron on speed. The game looks absolutely awesome on the surface with only […]

A New Trailer Shows Off The Closed Beta For ‘Laser League’

Laser League looks like crazy stupid fun as far as competitive gaming goes, and from the initial material, it looks like Roll7 and 505 Games might have a winner. Right now, the devs are rolling out a closed beta until October 29th, testing out the 3-on-3 Tron-esq fighting game where you basically fight in an arena […]