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The Daily LITG - 17th September 2019, Happy Birthday

The Daily LITG – 17th September 2019, Happy Birthday Roger Stern

Welcome to the pretty-much-mostly-daily Lying In The Gutters. A run around the day before and the day ahead. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The 11 most-read stories yesterday "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia": Rob McElhenney Heartfelt Post [Video] MAJOR SPOILER For Spider-Man #1 by JJ Abrams, Henry Abrams and […]

Roger Stern Returns to Marvel for Avengers: Loki Unleashed One-Shot

Roger Stern Returns to Marvel for Avengers: Loki Unleashed One-Shot

Legendary comic book creator Roger Stern is returning to Marvel for a one-shot comic with artist Ron Lim taking place during Stern's decade-long Avengers run from the 1980s. Called Avengers: Loki Unleashed! #1, it's the latest in a series of one-shots celebrating Marvel's 80th-anniversary by having creators return to their most memorable characters to write […]

Marvel Drops "Stan Lee's" Venus, More on Marvel Unlimited for Valentines Day

Marvel has added some new classic comics to Marvel Unlimited this week, ones which weren't advertised in their February press release. Included are issues #2-9 of Venus, the 1948 Timely series which ran for 19 issues. Marvel was apparently spotty with their credits at that time. None of the issues have the creators credited on […]

Quintessential Captain America Stories To Read This July 4th

In celebration of the American Day of Independence, it's a great time to point people in the direction of some great stories about the greatest champion of the United States, Captain America: The Sentinel of Liberty. It happens to be more relevant these days when the current mainline story about Steve Rogers is…less than satisfying […]

John Byrne And Roger Stern's Marvel: The Lost Generation Returns To Secret Wars

We knew we were getting the Supreme Power characters. The New Universe charactewrs. The Shadowline Saga characters. But we didn't know we'd be getting the return of Marvel: The Lost Generation. But Marc Guggenheim, in a PR-arranged interview with Marvel Comics, has confirmed it. So many. One of the things I love about the whole […]