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Warner Bros. Releases a New Batch of "Joker" Promotional Images

'Joker' Has Now Grossed $1 Billion Globally

Joker came out seven weeks ago now, kicking off an astonishing run at the box office that will see it cross the $1 billion threshold at some point today. It becomes the first R-rated film to do so. Even more impressive: Joker did it without ever unspooling in China. Even more impressive, impressive: only around […]

Warner Bros. Releases a New Batch of "Joker" Promotional Images

"Joker": "Deadpool" Ryan Reynolds Congratulates New R-Rated King

If there's anyone who's aware of box office records, it's Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds. After Joker record-breaking run making over $700 worldwide, Reynolds took to Instagram to congratulate its cast and crew. Reynolds used a still from the film's iconic scene where Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) completes his transformation to the sadistic clown. With his head […]

[Cannes] Zach Braff Joins All-Star Cast in ‘The Comeback Trail’

[Cannes] Zach Braff Joins All-Star Cast in 'The Comeback Trail'

Zach Braff will join quite the company of seasoned actors signing on to the George Gallo written-and-directed action-comedy The Comeback Trail. The former Scrubs star joins Hollywood legends with over 150 years combined on screen in Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, and Morgan Freeman in the film for Storyboard Media, who is promoting at […]

Robert De Niro in 2017

Robert De Niro May Be Joining Joaquin Phoenix in The Joker Origin Movie

Mere days after the confirmation that yes, Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix will indeed be starring as The Joker in an origin movie, we've got a bit more casting news. The Hollywood Reporter says that Robert De Niro has entered into talks to join the film, possibly as "a talk show host" who has some influence on The Joker's […]

Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller Make a Surprise Visit to Saturday Night Live

In last night's cold opening for Saturday Night Live, there was no Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, but they definitely brought the star power. The opening featured Kate McKinnon as Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Beck Bennett as Vice President Mike Pence talking about the latest problems for Trump and how in a few months things […]

Vikings's Michael Hirst Adapting De Niro/Reno Spy Thriller Ronin to Series

Vikings creator and showrunner Michael Hirst (The Tudors) is hanging out the shingle on his new independent production company, and first up on its production plate is a series adaptation of the 1998 spy thriller Ronin. Formed in conjunction with longtime producing partners Morgan O'Sullivan and James Flynn, Green Pavilion Entertainment was formed to "develop and produce high-end […]

HBO's 'Wizard Of Lies' First Trailer Shows Robert De Nero Owning The Scene

HBO Films' Wizard of Lies is an upcoming film about the rise and and fall of financier, stockbroker, and fraudster Bernie Madoff. The direct to streaming network show follows the rise and fall on the collapse of one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history, and we've now gotten its first teaser trailer. Starring Robert De Nero […]

Jennifer Lawrence Finds A Million Dollar Idea In New Joy TV Spot

In a new television ad for the upcoming David O. Russell film, Joy, Jennifer Lawrence plays a stressed out woman living under one roof with her parents, grandmother, kids and ex-husband, but discovers an idea that could fix everything. [youtube][/youtube] Also starring Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper and Virgina Madsen, Joy arrives in theaters on […]

Robert De Niro And Zac Efron Attack Spring Break In Trailer For Dirty Grandpa

Buzzfeed released the first trailer for the upcoming Robert De Niro and Zac Efron comedy, Dirty Grandpa. Efron plays straight man to De Niro's randy old man looking to score some tail from the likes of Aubrey Plaza. [youtube][/youtube] The film is scheduled for a January 22nd, 2016 release.

The Silver Linings Playbook Team Reunites In Trailer For Joy

Director David O. Russell and stars Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper — the team that brought us Silver Linings Playbook — reunites for Joy, the story of a woman who fights for her business and picks up the gun. [youtube][/youtube] It seems Russell has found a stable of actors he likes working […]

Robert De Niro's Taxi Driver Picks Up Rorschach In Before Watchmen

The comparison between Robert De Niro's Taxi Driver character Travis Bickle and Watchmen's Rorschach has been made a number of times. Many of Rorschach's other views are similar to Bickle's: the idea that there is a politician who can clean "all of this" up (Bickle's Palantine equals Rorschach's President Truman), the idea that they can […]