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Rising Star Games To Publish Two Shooters By Developer QUTE

Rising Star Games To Publish Two Shooters By Developer QUTE

Rising Star Games announced today at PAX East that they will publish two shooters from Japanese developer QUTE: Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicles. Both games will be set for both a Steam release as well as the PS4, with the only release info being "later this year". Both games are playable at their PAX East […]

Action RPG "Decay of Logos" is Headed to Xbox One

"Decay Of Logos" Will Come To The Nintendo Switch On November 28th

Rising Star Games announced this week that Decay Of Logos will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch on November 28th. Now you can explore the wilderness with your mystical elk companion as you seek revenge upon those who destroyed your village and took away your home. All from the comfort of the handheld […]

Action RPG "Decay of Logos" is Headed to Xbox One

Action RPG "Decay of Logos" is Worth a Try on Xbox One

Rising Star Games and Amplify Creations have released action RPG Decay of Logos to the Xbox One as one of Microsoft's ID@Xbox titles. The game is already out on PC as well, where it has mixed reviews, but plenty of the troubles seem to be Day One launch issues. We didn't come across any of […]

"Deadly Premonition 2" Will Hit Nintendo Switch Next Year

"Deadly Premonition 2" Will Hit Nintendo Switch Next Year

Deadly Premonition fans have quite a lot to celebrate from the latest Nintendo Direct, as the first game is available on the Nintendo Switch right now. Additionally, the sequel will be hitting the console next year. The description for Deadly Premonition 2 reads: In the year 2005, FBI agent York visits Le Carré, a small town […]

Holy Potatoes! We're In Space?! Announced for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Rising Star Games made an announcement this week that they'll be bringing Holy Potatoes! We're In Space?! to both the Nintendo Switch and PS4. If you're not familiar with this game, this is a management sim where you play as a bunch of sentient potatoes that own and manage their very own spaceship. You'll work toward […]

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Thunderful Acquires Rising Star Games, Has Already Made Changes

Earlier today, Thunderful Games announced that they had fully acquired Rising Star Games, including all assets and their U.K. and U.S. offices. The Sweden-based company sent out a post this morning on their website about the news, along with the fact that they've appointed a new Managing Director in Ed Valiente. So far, it looks like […]

Taking Down Criminals With a Time Limit in RICO

If you've ever wanted to play a game that was basically a first-person view of an action film, you're in luck, as the last game we saw from Rising Star Games at PAX East was their cop drama shooter RICO. The game is basically you int he role of a cop picking specific weapons to […]

Racing While Marking Our Territory in Trailblazers from PAX East

The second game we got to try out at the Rising Star Games booth over at PAX East last week was a little racing game they made with a couple different twists called Trailblazers. The game kind of works like your average racer at the start where you pick a racer and that specific person […]

Wandering Aimlessly as a Hero at PAX East with Decay Of Logos

One the final day of PAX East, we got to hit up the booth from Rising Star Games where they had several games on display for us to try, the first of which was an action RPG title called Decay Of Logos. The game was described to us as a mix of "European folklore, high fantasy […]