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'Deadly Class' is Down, But Not Out... It's Punk Rock Time

“Deadly Class” is Dead on TV Forever Because I Loved it Too Much

Deadly Class was my favorite show of 2019. I loved every single freaking minute of it. The cast was fantastic, and the setting was pitch-perfect. When SYFY decided that they needed to pull the plug on the show after its cliff-hanger first season finale, I kept the faith. Obviously, some other network or streaming service […]

'Deadly Class' is Down, But Not Out... It's Punk Rock Time

‘Deadly Class’ is Down, But Not Out… It’s Punk Rock Time

After last night’s announcement that SYFY had cancelled Deadly Class, fans were, surprisingly enough, not sad. They were angry. The show had gathered a small, yet vocally powerful, group of fans over its ten week broadcast run. Now, they’re raising their voices and shouting out for another network to pick save Deadly Class. It’s punk […]

‘Deadly Class’ Cancelled: No Second Season at SYFY

Deadly Class, the highly original, incredibly thrilling tale of teenage assassins in the ’80s, has been cancelled, and will not see a second season on SYFY. It’s been pretty touch and go, with SYFY holding back on renewing the series. Although the show has a very loyal fan base, most of the 1 million plus […]

The Race to Save Humanity is On with "Low" #22

The Race to Save Humanity is On with ‘Low’ #22

The story of Low may be coming to an end, but this epic science-fantasy saga does not appear to be prone to some of the short-comings that are plaguing certain media darlings at the moment. This story knows full well where it’s going, and it really feels like Rick Remender’s plot is fully capable of […]

'Deadly Class' #38: Marcus and Maria Return to Kings Dominion

‘Deadly Class’ #38: Marcus and Maria Return to Kings Dominion

Issue #38 of Deadly Class was an emotional one, especially after getting caught up with the series through the graphic novels. These characters are so amazingly real to me, especially with the uncanny casting of the Deadly Class television series. Marcus, Maria, Saya, Billy, Petra, and Willie are all very compelling, sympathetic characters. Watching them […]

BC FCBD Roundup: Deadly Class Killer Set

BC FCBD Roundup: Deadly Class Killer Set

Another Free Comic Book Day has come and gone, and some of you might have missed out on the great free comics that your local comic shop had available. Or maybe you got to your store after (gasp!) what you really wanted was already gone! Fear not, friends. I’m not only going to tell you […]

'Low' #21: Stel Caine Keeps Hope Alive in a Cell (REVIEW)

‘Low’ #21: Stel Caine Keeps Hope Alive in a Cell (REVIEW)

Low is winding down its run with Image Comics, and issue #21 is the second installment in the seven-part finale. Stel has been captured by the Burnt, the remnants of the human race that managed to stay alive on the surface of the earth when most of humanity fled to live beneath the seas. She’s […]

The End of Reality is Coming in ‘Black Science’ #39 (REVIEW)

39 issues in, and Black Science is no less weird or wonderful than it was when it debuted. The story of Grant McKay, anarchist and super scientist, has been a roller coaster ride since issue one, with extra-dimensional travel, family strife, and persistent apocalypse-level destruction hounding Grant at every turn. And it’s mostly his fault. […]

Ten Reasons Why YOU Should Watch SYFY’s ‘Deadly Class’

Deadly Class debuted on SYFY in mid January, and has been a gut-punch to the nostalgia centers for old, burned out punks like me- but don’t let that stop you from checking it out. Here, for your consideration, are ten reasons why you should drop everything you’re doing, and watch Deadly Class. 1: The Cast […]

Great Ratings News Gives SYFY’s ‘Deadly Class’ Extra Credit

Recent ratings news must feel like a breath of fresh air for the people behind Deadly Class, the SYFY series based off of Rick Remender and Wes Craig’s comic series about the trials and tribulations of an amiable group of teen-aged assassins. According to TV by the Numbers the brand new series has seen a […]

‘Deadly Class’ Preview: “Snake Pit” Serves Up a Poisoned Pen (VIDEO)

If you haven’t had a chance to check out SYFY’s Deadly Class yet, you should- it’s easily one of our favorite show’s of 2019 so far: a perfect balance of teen angst and ’80s agro-pop on the tip of a stiletto. Deadly Class stars Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus Lopez, a down on his luck street […]