Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Superman Editor Eddie Berganza, Revived

In 2012, Bleeding Cool reported the story that a sexual assault had taken place in a hotel lobby at WonderCon. It was so public that, by the time I woke up in the UK, I had received multiple reports. The assailant was named as DC Comics then-Executive Editor Eddie Berganza and the person assaulted was a comic book […]

Gerard Way And Becky Cloonan's Doom Patrol Being Revived?

I know I said that old pitches at DC Comics were being junked for new. And that people couldn't repitch pre-Rebirth pitches anymore? Well, it may be different if you are a rock star. I understand that the considerable swell of interest in a Gerard Way/Becky Cloonan Doom Patrol at DC Comics has solidified into […]