Ready The Grenades: An Inside Look At Charles Forsman's Revenger #4, Out Today

Charles Forsman has been producing his new indie series Revenger independently for print and for download, but also distributing digitally on ComiXology. So far the retro revenge story has moved through three issues. The fourth issue, "No Bones" was released today. As a whole, Revenger  tells the story of "a woman who doesn't take any […]

Bleeding Cool's Best Comic Panels of 2014

This is certainly a Bleeding Cool tradition worth upholding, bringing together the chosen best comics panels of the year from our site writers. From the just plain bizarre to the hilarious and emotive, this year had it all and some of the finest creators working in the medium really shine even brighter when you take […]

Bleeding Cool's Best Publisher Of 2014

Lots of comic book publishers are publishing lots of great comics. But in 2014, there was one that stood out head and shoulders above the rest in the English-speaking market. Image Comics. Month after month, they launched quality comics such as Deadly Class, Minimum Wage, Egos, The Fuse, Undertow, Revenger, Apocalypse Al, Mercenary Sea, One Hit […]

Jonathan Ross And Ian Churchill Hit Banbury (Video, Pics And Report)

[youtube][/youtube] I had a very pleasant afternoon visiting Banbury in Oxfordshire yesterday. My parents have retired here, but that's not why I was up here with the family. Not totally.No, it was because Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill were signing the first two issues of their Image comic book, Revenge. It was an unlikely place, […]

Jonathan Ross And Ian Churchill's The Revenger Becomes… Revenge!

Previewed in last week's Elephantmen, Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill's The Revenger from Image Comics, will undergo a name change by the time it's published January. I'm told it will now be called "Revenge" but the lead character will still be called The Revenger. Turns out another webcomic had the same name (it might be […]

Jonathan Ross And Ian Churchill's The Revenger – A New Comic For 2014

We said this was coming a while ago. Now, courtesy of Bleeding Cool, it has a date. And a teaser image. The Revenger, by Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill, to be published in January. Ross has Image titles Turf and America's Got Powers to his name but is better known in the UK as the […]