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The Man Who Claimed To Be the First Real Live Superhero – Fact or Fiction?

Back when Warren Ellis’ series Doktor Sleepless was first published by Avatar Press in 2007, Avatar spun out into a fan discussion blog called, which has been maintained for years since then to address the relationship between technology and culture in keeping with the “grinding” ethos of the Ellis comic series. Avatar Press, of […]

Zimmer, Framed

Joseph Glass writes; Last week saw the airing of Superheroes, a HBO documentary following the work of real life caped crusaders. Bleeding Cool had a chat with one of the featured superheroes, Zimmer, about being an out and proud real life superhero in more than one sense of the word. The last time you spoke […]

Phoenix Jones, His Nemesis And Seattle’s May Day Protests

It’s a busy day for Phoenix Jones, the most high profile of the Real Life Superheroes, in his home town of Seattle. First, the self-styled supervillain Red Velvet posted a sophisticated-looking video calling him out and challenging Phoenix to unmask himself (which he already has) And then the May Day protests on the streets of […]

Phoenix Jones Arrested For Assault

Bleeding Cool have covered the real life superhero antics of Phoenix Jones, who patrols the streets of Seattle challenging the like of drug dealers, car thieves and, now it seems, clubbers. He was arrested by Seattle Police yesterday morning after he is alleged to have pepper sprayed a group leaving a nightclu at at 2.30 […]

The Superhero With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Tonight on Channel 4 in Britain, a documentary The Superheroes Of Suburbia made by Christian Watt looked at British real life superheroes and found, as with all superheroes, their Achilles heel. Or in one case, his Achilles digestive system. Will, who works in finance, in sleepy south coastal town of Torquay’s only real life superhero, […]

Birmingham’s Answer To Phoenix Jones – The Statesman

According to the News Of The World, and I use that statement with all the baggae that brings with it, The Statesman is a real life superhero patrolling the streets of Birmingham in the West Midlands to prevent crime. He fights drug dealers, drunks and helps out homeless people in trouble. And what’s more, his […]