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Phoenix Fanfest Debut: Widow’s Web from Raven Gregory

You can take Raven Gregory out of Zenescope. But you can’t take Zenescope out of Raven Gregory. Raven Gregory and Autumn Ivy‘s new creator owned series Widow’s Web from Broken Butterfly Comics debuts next month at Phoenix Fanfest Dec 12-14th.  Gregory, Ivy, penciler Ian Snyder, and cover artist Nei Ruffino will all be there.Set in a world […]

Comic Book Creators, Look After Your Hands, From Raven Gregory And Nei Ruffino

Comics writer Raven Gregory made a good point on Facebook that kicked off a whole stream of advice from comic creators. He began. Creator advice for the night. Writers. Artists. Take care of your hands. Overworking your tools…that’s how carpal tunnel happens. Truth And others followed, Bradley Witenhafer What’s the best way to take care […]

Douglas Paszkiewicz On Raven Gregory

Douglas Paszkiewicz writes; This was not part of the deal I have been publishing Arsenic Lullaby independently for almost 13 years, I’ve done work for DC, Image, Mad Magazine and a bunch of other publishers as well along the way. I have been going to 8-10 comic book conventions a year the whole time. Needless […]

If You Live In Glendale, Arizona, You May Know Something That Might Help

Raven Gregory, creator of a number of Zenescope comics, has asked me to share this with you. Raven’s ex-wife Kourtney Keiser was found yesterday morning on Northern Avenue in Glendale, Arizona, the victim of a hit-and-run. She later died in hospital. Evidence indicated it was a hit-and-run and that the suspect vehicle would have fresh […]

Raven Gregory Gets Jesse Jamesed

 Jesse James writes for Bleeding Cool like an unstoppable force. Growing up in the 80’s you didn’t have much choice in genres.  Its was Super Hero’s, Action Hero’s, or Animals with swords.  So when I opened up the store that’s what I carried. Then the Diamond rep came in and offered me Zenescope. I remember looking at him saying “You want […]

Tuesday Runaround – Sixty Years Of Menace

CrossoverWatch: Raven Gregory tells USA Today that he nicked the big Zenescope crossover from… every other crossover. “A fan of old-school Marvel Comics crossovers, Gregory came up with the idea to put all these realms and their denizens in a heap of trouble with a common enemy, and told Zenescope founders Joe Brusha and Ralph […]