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Valiant Reveals Details and Artwork From New Rai Series

First announced during the Diamond Retailer Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con, Valiant Entertainment is launching a new Rai series in November, from the creative team of Dan Abnett and Juan José Ryp. And in a press release today, Valiant revealed more details as well as interior artwork from the first five issues of the comic. […]

Valiant Announces New Rai Series for November, Previews Art and More at SDCC

Valiant Announces New Rai Series for November, More from SDCC Retailer Lunch

At the Diamond Retailer Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con, Valiant Entertainment announced a new Rai series coming in November 2019. Emily Hecht and Robert Myers took the stage for Valiant to make their pitch to comic book retailers. They kicked things off with a look at the upcoming Bloodshot relaunch, hititng stores ahead of next […]

Breaking: Leaked Documents Reveal Shocking History Of Valiant Universe

Hot on the heels of former FBI director James Comey's testimony before the United States Senate today, a new kind of leaks is stirring up media attention for publisher Valiant Entertainment. In this case, rather than leaked memos revealing details of meetings about federal investigations, these particular leaked documents are actually an official preview of an […]

Valiant Debuts Live-Action X-O Manowar And More on Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe Variants

Thanks to some exclusive reporting from our friends at ComicBook.com, Valiant Comics has announced that three Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe-themed photo variant covers for three upcoming releases will offer our first look at Valiant Entertainment's live-action versions of X-O Manowar, Archer, and Livewire from the upcoming online series. Here are the issues to keep an eye out for: […]

The Origin Of Rai And Russia's Rapid Return To Power

We have two previews for Valiant books shipping on Wednesday. In Rai #14 by Matt Kindt and Cafu, the crossover with the 4001 AD event continues and we get to see the true origin of New Japan and the birth of it's line of guardians called Rai. Also, in Divinity II #3 by Kindt and […]

Valiant Releases Rai Emoji's For Your Phone

Valiant announced today that with their partners Swyft Media, you can now get a set of Rai emoji's for iOS and Android phones. This is the third emoji keyboard that the company has released with previous ones focusing on the Valiant universe in general and then one specifically for Archer & Armstrong. This ties into […]

The Story Of The First Rai, How A Sci-Fi Story Should Begin

I'm a fan of Valiant Comics, but I'll admit the one series I've never gotten into is Rai. I'm not sure exactly why. I just never quite got it. With the new 4001 A.D. event going on, I got a chance to read the return of Rai today and I was pleasantly surprised. Rai #13 gives […]

41st Century Shake Up In Rai #14

Valiant has sent us an inside look at  RAI #14 – the next installment of "The Summer of 4001 A.D." from writer Matt Kindt (4001 A.D.) and artist CAFU (Unity). On June 22nd, the mantle of Rai passes on to New Japan's latest champion! But in the formative years of Father's dark utopia, will New Japan's newly […]

Valiant's 12-Piece 4001 A.D. Interlocking Mega-Cover Is Huge

Valiant has sent over a first look at the 12 united components that make up their 4001 A.D. Interlocking Mega-Cover. These covers span across all 12 parts of the publishers big summer event. The impressively massive cover is by artist Ryan Lee and the various components will be released 3 a months between May and […]

An Advanced Preview Of 4001 A.D. #2 From Valiant

Valiant's big summer event for this years is 4001 A.D. centered around their character of Rai and the remnants of their universe of characters that exist two millenniums in the future. Here we get an advanced preview of 4001 A.D. #2, written by Matt Kindt and drawn by Clayton Crain. Rai's insurrection against his creator […]

A Look Inside The Return Of Rai

One of Valiant's more popular characters has been missing in action the last few months. The Rai series got to issue twelve and then went on hiatus. But now with the upcoming 4001 A.D. event, issue #13 is on it's way and we have a preview. On May 18th, writer Matt Kindt (4001 A.D., DIVINITY […]

Valiant May 2016 Solicitations Take Us To 4001 A.D.

Valiant Entertainment has sent over their solicitations for May 2016 and they kick off with a trip to the future, almost 2,000 years into the future. 4001 A.D. #1 by Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain brings us more of Rai and a big crossover event in the tradition of Book of Death, Armor Hunters and […]

Valiant's Rai Summer Event Of 2016 Expands Into 4001 One Shots…

Valiant has just announced "The Summer of 4001 A.D." initiative, beginning this May in the first issue of their upcoming summer event, 4001 A.D. #1, by Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain 4001 A.D. is about Rai assembling the future heroes of the Valiant Universe to take down Father, the malevolent AI that created him and […]

Rai Recruits The Heroes Of The 41st Century In 4001 A.D. First Look

Here we have a first look at 4001 A.D. #1, the first of a new four-part series from Valiant by writer Matt Kindt and artist Clayton Crain. The series follows Rai, the now fallen guardian of New Japan, as he tries to rally the heroes of the 41st century.   One hundred years from today, Father […]

Death-Defying Doctor Mirage And More In Valiant Previews

The holidays are just around the corner and hitting the comic shop on Wednesday is a new batch of books from Valiant that includes the new Death-Defying Doctor Mirage series, an issue of Bloodshot Reborn and the end of The Orphan saga in Rai. THE DEATH-DEFYING DOCTOR MIRAGE: SECOND LIVES #1 (of 4) Written by […]

The Fall Of X-O Manowar And More Valiant Previews

You may have just gotten home with your week's pull from the comic store, but we already have a look at the Valiant comics coming out next Wednesday to start building up that excitement again. BOOK OF DEATH: THE FALL OF X-O MANOWAR #1 Written by Robert Venditti Art by Clayton Henry Covers by Cary […]