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Frank Miller and Rafael Grampa Show President Donald Trump's 2020 Re-election Campaign in Batman: Dark Knight: The Golden Child

Frank Miller and Rafael Grampa Show Donald Trump 2020 Re-Election Campaign in Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child

Frank Miller's politics are… interesting. Dark Knight Returns, a fairly libertarian volume was nevertheless heavily critical of Ronald Reagan's interventionist policies. Holy Terror was seen as Islamophobic and reactionary. He spoke out against the Occupy Wall Street protestors, suggesting they should sign up for the US Army. And he talks negatively about Donald Trump, telling […]

"The Future Is Young" Batman Dark Knight Message Now Part Of Hong Kong Protests

Over the weekend, Bleeding Cool reported that DC Comics has withdrawn a tweet using the Rafael Grampa upcoming cover of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child. This came after criticism from Chinese critics that it made reference to Hong Kong protests, featuring Batwoman dressed in black throwing a molotov cocktail and that the use […]

DC Collectibles January 2020 Solicitations: Batman, Batwoman, and More

DC Collectibles January 2020 Solicitations: Batman, Batwoman, and More

DC Collectibles have revealed their solicitations for product that will ship in January, including a new CW-style Batwoman statue, new Essentials figures, two new Batman statues, and the Catwoman part of their latest diorama statue series. Check it all out below! DCTV BATWOMAN: BATWOMAN STATUE  sculpted by JAMES MARSANO A new symbol of hope is […]

The Daily LITG – 30th October 2018 – Everyone Loves Grampa

Welcome to the daily Lying In The Gutters. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Top five stories from yesterday: Chris Claremont Puts Batman Damned #1 In Perspective Frank Miller and Rafael Grampa Working Together on Dark Knight: The Golden Child Batman Damned Now Sells For $2500 on eBay The Walking Dead […]

Tell Rafael Grampa What To Draw, When Drunk

Next Frame is a Swedish project in which Brazilian comic creator and favourite of Bleeding Cool, Rafael Grampá and his corporate shill sponsors Absolut invite users from around the world to co-create a crowd-sourced animated film. It's the first time Grampá has opened up his creative process like this, and also a first-of-this-kind collaboration for […]

Rafael Grampa Heads Up Nike Advertising Campaign In Brazil

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaUJMHNlSkM[/youtube] This is the clip from the new Nike Brasil TV ad, featuring the art of legendary Brazilian cartoonist Rafael Grampa, animated. It's one of a number of vignettes that show the Brazilian football team in a match, that cuts away to show different sorts of football games, with children, with cartoon giants, with black […]

Grampa Is At The Vodka Again! Absolut Vodka Profiles Rafael Grampa

Absolut Vodka's Transform Today campaign highlights artists from different media and tells their story. Marvel and Dark Horse artist Raphael Grampa got the Absolut treatment here. Rafael Grampá is a Brazilian graphic novel artist and writer. Infusing his work with amazing linework, stunning colors and fantastic details, Grampá puts his own unique style stamp onto […]

Pretty Pics – Bryan Talbot's Sherlock To Rafael Grampa's Batman

A few pretty pictures to end the day with. Thanks to Timothy The 2013 Christmas Card for the Sherlock Holmes Society Of London, as designed and drawn by Bryan Talbot. The first looks at Fairy Quest 2 by Humberto Ramos. From Ruben Martinez, Epic Adventure Time, soon to be a print…. and the rough that […]

Rafael Grampá Talks About His New Absolut Vodka Campaign (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Fixed HTML Here's the ad, Rafael Grampá working in collaboration with musician Woodkid, media artist Aaron Koblin and fashion designer Yiqing Yin. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93uIGknDJIc[/youtube] Here's Rafael Grampá's take; [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKI_iAh5f_A[/youtube] And this is how you feel after downing a bottle of Absolut.

Rafael Grampa's Joker For A New DC Comic

As Rafael Grampa writes; My version for The Joker for a DC Comics project! Pay attention and try to see the two mouths. He wants to make you think that he is laughing all the time, but he isn't.

Rafael Grampá Creates New Gay Superhero For Brazilian TV – The Gay Laxyus

As we've noted, all current media seems obsessed with a gay Green Lantern or a Gay X-Man or usually both. None more than Brazilian TV programme Fantastico, which recently ran a piece on the companies' news, mixing up Alan Scott and Hal Jordan on the way, bringing in Wertham allegations against Batman and Grant Morrison's […]