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'Spenser Confidential': Watch the Trailer for Mark Wahlberg's New Film Now

'Spenser Confidential': Watch the Trailer for Mark Wahlberg's Thriller

Spenser Confidential, the new film starring Mark Wahlberg, debuted its trailer on Ellen this afternoon. Based on the novel Wonderland, Wahlberg stars as an ex-cop Spenser, who gets out of prison after being framed for murder. When two of his former colleagues are murdered, he and his new boxing student (Winston Duke) and ex-girlfriend (Iliza […]

BC Toy Spotting: Marvel Legends, Toy Story 4, Power Rangers, WWE, Fortnite, and More!

BC Toy Spotting: Marvel Legends, Power Rangers, Fortnite, and More!

Welcome to the latest edition of BC Toy Spotting! We are in and out of stores pretty much every day, and we figure (ha!) why not show all of our fellow collectors what we are coming across on pegs and shelves. As collectors, we know that staying on top of what is in stores can […]

Call of Duty

Why Post Malone Streaming Blackout Won't Increase Call of Duty's Popularity

In a strange bid to increase the celebrity power of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Activision invited Post Malone onto the official COD Twitch channel to play the game alongside popular streamers LEGIQN and COURAGE. The three hopped into the game's battle-royale esque Blackout mode for a lengthy stream. Obviously, the move is pretty much a straight copy of that […]