Piotr Kowalski

Image Brings More Sex to Comic Shops in April

Image Comics will relaunch Sex, the creator-owned comic book by Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski, as an ongoing series of original graphic novels, the publisher announced in a press release Thursday. The first volume, Sex, Vol. 6: World Hunger will hit stores in April. In this all-new Sex experience, readers will return to Saturn City […]

Bloodborne #4 cover by Vanesa del Rey

Bloodborne #4 Review: The End of the Hunt

The Hunter and the child find themselves in a fishing village as they search for a boat to take them through the sea. The Hunter receives a cryptic message from Gerhman, and the child falls further ill. It also sees terrible things which the Hunter cannot, and it must help the Hunter navigate these horrors. […]

Bloodborne #3 cover by Piotr Kowalski

Bloodborne #3 Review: Under a Paleblood Sky

The Hunter continues to wander across the land with the Paleblood child. The child continues to exhibit bizarre and unnerving qualities, and the beast is still tracking them across the land. The Hunter is still unsure what the child is and what it can do for the Hunt. Bloodborne continues its trend of low-key and […]

Bloodborne #2 cover by Damien Worm

Bloodborne #2 Review: More Resistant to Newcomers but Still a Beautiful Comic

The Hunter and the Paleblood child make their way to the wilderness, and the Hunter faces down snake beasts before finding a secret passageway to Iosefka’s clinic and passing out. Iosefka watches over the child while the Hunter seeks answers from Gerhman in the Hunter’s Dream. The first issue of Bloodborne succeeded in its straightforwardness. […]

IDW Reboots 30 Days Of Night In December With Niles, Kowalski, Templesmith, And Wood

The classic 2002 three-issue horror series by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith that spawned numerous follow-ups and two feature films is getting a reboot in December. Steve Niles will return to write the series, and Ben Templesmith will draw covers along with original cover artist Ashley Wood, while Piotr Kowalski takes on interior art in what is being […]


Wolfenstein Comic Preview Fails To Place Blame On Both Sides Of Conflict

Titan has released the first interior art for Wolfenstein #1, the comic book preview to the upcoming video game, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. But readers looking for a fair and balanced take on the conflict between alt-left hero BJ Blacowitz and the literal Nazis who have taken over the United States in an alternate history […]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Terminal Hero #2 By Milligan And Kowalski

To go with Free Comic Book Day, we have a bunch of free comics for our readers this weekend from Dynamite, all of which tie into the new Groupees Independent bundle being offered up right now from Dynamite, IDW, Image and Oni. Now we have the second issue in Peter Milligan and Piotr Kowalski’s series […]

Why I Think HBO Needs A Terminal Hero

I’m going to play producer again, looking at comic book series that I think could make the jump to other media. And this time I’m thinking about HBO. They had a hit with True Detective but failed to reach the same level of success with the second season. I like the format of a eight […]

More Monster Noir Goodness In Monster World #2 Preview

American Gothic Press has sent us a preview for the second issue of Monster World. The series is from Philip Kim, Steve Niles, Piotr Kowalski and Dennis Calero and focuses on Detective Barrymore who might be in over his head when unexpected new bizarre details come to light, but that doesn’t stop him from slowing down at […]

Writer’s Commentary – Peter Milligan On Terminal Hero #5

Writer’s commentary by Peter Milligan for issue #5 of Terminal Hero. Rory wasn’t the only one to take the strange and terrible  Treatment Q.  The issue opens with Mia and Minesh enjoying – if that’s the right word – the treatment’s dubious pleasures. Minesh offers to spread sacred vibhuti over Mia’s wounds. Vibhuti being the sacred […]

Exclusive First Looks At Ex-Con #2 And Terminal Hero #3

With the final order cutoff coming up for these two Dynamite’s Creators Unleashed titles, they have sent us an exclusive set of pages each to get readers excited and to have them ask their local retailers to order them a copy. Here we get Ex-Con #2 and Termianl Hero #3. Other Dynamite titles with FOC’s coming up: Magnus: Robot Fighter #7, Turok: Dinosaur […]

Writer’s Commentary – Terminal Hero #2 By Peter Milligan

Writer and creator Peter Milligan goes through his latest issue of Terminal Hero giving us the inside story on what he was trying to do with the issue and how he sees things. And we get to mix in the beautiful art of Piotr Kowalski. TERMINAL HERO TWO: COMMENTARY The tumour that was going to […]

Image Watch: The Big Joe Casey Sex Interview Part 2

By David Dissanayake  Joe Casey gives a damn good interview.  Last week I talked to him about his book Sex from Image Comics.  A masterful post-superhero story about repression, intimacy and personal redefinition, Sex follows Simon Cooke – a Batman/Iron Man/rich man superhero archetype – as he hangs up his cape and cowl in an attempt to leave […]

Writer To Writer With Joe Casey And Peter Milligan

Joe Casey (Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers) has been doing peer-to-peer interviews lately with his fellow writers and getting at the heart of what makes these stories tick. Today we have him talking to Peter Milligan (Terminal Hero) about his longevity in the comic industry. JOE CASEY Let me get an obvious question out […]

Image Watch: Getting Into Sex With Joe Casey (Part 1)

By David Dissanayake  Joe Casey is a creator whose work I have admired for a long time. His comics are constantly inventive and always push the boundaries of the medium. His Image book Sex is a perfect example.  Drawn by Piotr Kowalski, colored by Brad Simpson, lettered by Rus Wooton, and designed by Sonia Harris, Sex is […]

Writer’s Commentary – Peter Milligan On Terminal Hero #1

Dynamite’s new Creators Unleashed title Terminal Hero hit stores this week and series creator/writer Peter Milligan went through the issue and shares his thoughts with our readers. A comic book about cancer?  Terminal cancer? Oh God, that sounds so bloody depressing. Cancer is at the heart of the book. In that it’s our hero Rory […]

“The Thing Is, Rory IS A Good Guy” – Peter Milligan Talks Terminal Hero

The second book from Dynamite’s new Creators Unleashed line is Terminal Hero by Peter Milligan and Piotr Kowalski. Vampirella writer Nancy Collins talked with Milligan about the new series, the heroic tendencies of the lead character and the use of psychedelic drugs. NANCY COLLINS: Before we get into the interview, I’d like to take the […]

Artist Spotlight – Piotr Kowalski Of Dynamite’s Terminal Hero

Piotr Kowalski says he is just getting known in the American comic market. But so far the artist has worked with Clive Barker on Nightbreed, Joe Casey on Sex, Joe Keatinge on Marvel Knights: Hulk and now Peter Milligan on Terminal Hero. That’s an impressive list of projects. So we turn the spotlight on him […]