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Phoenix Comic Fest Convention Center Evacuated in Response to Fire Alarm

Breaking news on the ground from Phoenix Comic Fest at around 7:45pm PST was that the convention center was evacuated in response to an alarm having been triggered and the public announcement system broadcasting a request for everyone to vacate the building. The event’s official social media accounts have expressed that the local fire department […]

Local News Covers Awkward Interviews From Phoenix Comic Con

ABC15 Arizona covers the Phoenix Comic Con when it comes around as it did last weekend. On Sunday they ran a story showing what they called the Awkward Interviews at Phoenix Comic Con… a collection of interviews with costume wearing attendees, some of which are a bit awkward. It’s sad that in all of that coverage, […]

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How Will The Incident In Phoenix Affect Comic Cons Going Forward?

I waited a few days to let my thoughts on the topic gel completely. Last weekend I was at the Phoenix Comic Con as I have been for most of the last decade. I’ve watched the show grow from a 2-day event in Tempe that gave me a table because they didn’t have pro-badges to […]

Man Arrested at Phoenix Comicon for Threatening Officers with Real Weapons

This story is still building, so bear with us as we try to get you the most updated sources we can. Today at the kickoff for 2017’s Phoenix Comicon, there was an incident involving an unidentified male and local law enforcement. Specifically, the man was carrying several weapons, including but not limited to at least […]

Dick Van Dyke To Appear At Phoenix Comic Con

The iconic and beloved Dick Van Dyke is going to be a guest at the Phoenix Comic Con May 27th. The star of Mary Poppins, Bye Bye Birdie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and of course the Dick Van Dyke Show has won five Primetime Emmys, a Tony award and a Grammy. He’s part of the Television […]

Sara Richard Sketchcovers Sandman: Overture At Phoenix Comic Con (VIDEO)

By Alex Wilson During Phoenix Comic Con I had a chance to film some amazing artists and time lapse your extraordinary talent and hopefully give a bit of incite into the artist world and unique styles of each artist. Here’s the first of many, featuring Sara Richard working on a sketch cover to Sandman: Overture.  […]

Marc Mason Talks Schism And Battery From Actionopolis

I got a chance to sit down with writer Marc Mason while at my booth at the Phoenix Comic Con last weekend. Marc has written some Red Sonja comics for Dynamite, but in the video we were talking about his two young adult novels Schism and Battery for Actionopolis. Also, if you look in the […]

The Cars And Cosplay Of Phoenix Comic Con (Photogallery)

Both Neil Greenaway and Alex Wilson have sent in some photos from Phoenix Comic Con for us.  First we have Neil’s extensive gallery of TV and movie cars from the show:   And to round things off, we have some cosplay from Alex Wilson:

Talking With Eric Mengel About The 20 Year History Of Ocho At Phoenix Comic Con

Neil Greenaway reports from Phoenix Comic Con, his double-header following reporting for Bleeding Cool from Denver Comic Con! This time he talks with indie creator Eric Mengel about the 20 year history of his mini-comic Ocho. Bleeding Cool: Can you start by introducing yourself and the name of your comic? Eric Mengel: My name is […]

Epic Swag! Phoenix Comic Con Edition

Neil Greenaway has sent us such an epic collection of swag from Phoenix Comic Con that it dazzles the senses. We’ll leave it to your exploration:

John Layman Doesn’t Want To Tell Us Anything

While at the Phoenix Comic Con this last weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with writer John Layman to talk about the coming end for his and Rob Guillory’s creator-owned series Chew. With issue 50 due out next month for San Diego, the series will have just 10 issues to go… and the […]

30 Shots Of Cosplay From Phoenix Comic Con

Neil Greenaway got trigger nsappy at Phoenix Comic Con and came back with some of his favourite cosplay from the show last weekend… here’s how it’s looking when hidden from the Arizona sun.

Phoenix Comic Con Recap Plus Cosplay Gallery

My first experience with the Phoenix Comic Con was back in 2005 when it was held in Mesa and it had the word Cactus in the title. I was told about this new show that he was volunteering for and was given an email address. The address was for Joe Boudrie head of programming and […]

A Colder Finale For September From Dark Horse

Dark Horse Comics is announcing a new Colder series at Phoenix Comic Con – and it’s the last one. Colder: Toss the Bones sees the return of the Eisner-nominated horror series by Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra. Set to debut in September, the final chapter of the Colder trilogy follows a newly resurrected Nimble Jack, […]

Cartoonist Josh C Lyman Loses All His Art In Austin Break-In

Cartoonist Josh C Lyman, a full time illustrator working the convention circuit across the USA, has a tale of woe to share with Bleeding Cool and its readers. I flew back from Phoenix Fan Fest this past weekend to my apartment in Austin; and exhausted from the aforementioned, I decided I would take a nap […]

71 Cosplay Photos From The Phoenix Comic Con

I spent this last weekend at the Phoenix Comic Con working my table and taking pictures of the cosplayers that passed by. I noticed that the bar on originality has been raised as you can tell by the inclusion of Cyberman Freddy Mercury. Also the scope of accessible has expanded to include television commercials as […]