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An Update on the Peter Pan Remake

We all know that Disney is in the process of remaking all of their animated movies into live action movies. There is a remake for Peter Pan on the way but we don’t know that much about it. The producer of A Wrinkle in Time Jim Whitaker recently spoke to at a press event […]

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New Limited Peter Pan Pins Coming to a Neverland Near You

Are you a fan of Peter Pan? How about collectible pins? Or even both! Starting February 22nd, guests can get their hands on this amazing Peter Pan pin set, and while it won’t take you to Neverland, it will look pretty in your collection! The set of three features Peter and the Darling children flying […]

Disney Pint Size Heroes and Star Wars Pop Three Pack Are Coming From Funko

Disney and Star Wars seem to have new Funko products announced constantly. Today is no different, as Disney characters come to life in a new wave of Pint Size Heroes, and the Death Star crew gets time to shine in a brand new Pop three pack. First we will look at the Walmart exclusive Death […]

Gritty Peter Pan Comic Reboot ‘The Wendy Project’ Is In Stores Today

Did you enjoy the original Peter Pan, but felt it focused too much on pixie-dust, magical adventures, everlasting youth and not enough on tragic child death and grief? Well, if the answer to that question was yes, then The Wendy Project may be just the depressing Peter Pan reboot you’ve been waiting for! In stores […]

Funko Announces Another Subscription Box…And It Is Disney

Funko has cornered the market on subscription boxes, already offering Marvel, DC, and Star Wars repeated boxes that ship every two months. Other boxes such as Loot Crate also include their products as well, and a re the main driver of subscribing to these products. Today, Funko has announced one that may beat all the […]

The Disney Infinite Doctor Strange That Might Have Been

With the announcement back in May that Disney Infinite 3.0 was being cancelled, folks wondered about some of the upcoming figures that had been planned for the game. There was talk of a Peter Pan, a Jafar and a premium Hulk. You can find some design art for those figures, but it turns out that there […]

Pete’s Dragon Director David Lowery To Take On Peter Pan

Disney‘s live action adaptations of its classic animated features will continue with Peter Pan. The film will be directed by David Lowery, who already has one Disney adaptation to his credit with August’s Pete’s Dragon. According to Deadline, Lowery will co-write the script with his Pete’s Dragon collaborator Toby Halbrooks. It is unclear if the […]

The Terror Of Peter Pan

Cody Walker writes, Peter Pan is terrifying to me. Sure, as a kid, I wanted to be Peter Pan or at least travel to Neverland and battle pirates. But now, I’m frightened at the idea of a 10 year old boy with the powers of a god who treats adults like they are his personal […]

Christopher Walken As Captain Hook

Not often am I going to cover musicals on this site, but when you hear it’s a musical with Christopher Walken as Captain Hook… it has to grab your attention. Ever since the Sound Of Music was a ratings boom for NBC, you knew they’d want to do more. Now is saying that the […]

Bleeding Cosplay – From Evangelion To Tinker Bell

Each week Bleeding Cosplay Senior Cosplay Correspondent Ian Mageto features individuals who not only love cosplay, but also bleed it. If you would like to have your work featured please send a high resolution image to  as well as any social media links and photographer credit. Like these folks did. To see more of Ian’s cosplay coverage […]

Soaring Penguin Announces Loisel’s Peter Pan And The Black Feather Falls: Book Two

Soaring Penguin Press, stalwart of unusual and high-quality titles in the small press sphere, has had a big week for announcements. First up, they’ve acquired the rights to bring Loisel’s Peter Pan to the US market, in contract with with Glénat Editions. The graphic novel will be an English collection of Loisel’s six-volume bande dessinée. […]

Booze Geek – Mad Anthony and Pirate Movies

By Dylan Gonzalez Beer: Mad Anthony APA Brewery: Erie Brewing Co. Today, I delve into a bottle of Eerie Brewing Company’s Mad Anthony APA.  Unfortunately, it is about as lifeless as the skeleton adorning the bottle. Mad Anthony is amber in color, with a slightly pink hue, and produces a large head that disappears rather […]

Big Books Monday – Peter Pan, Rasl, Spumco And A Futurama Pizza

[youtube][/youtube] I hope my mum doesn’t see this. She’ll get angry about my lack of hairbrush this morning. Anyway, three big books to look at and talk about. First up is Peter Pan by Regis Losiel, created over fourteen years and completed almost a decade ago, finally translated into English and published by Soaring Penguin […]

It’s A Peter Pan Pile-Up

There are numerous Peter Pan projects doing the rounds in Hollywood right now, all with their own specific take on JM Barrie’s classic tale. I’m sure that most of them will never go into production, but one or two may well. Working from a list in The Hollywood Reporter, here’s a little compare-and-contrast of the various potentials […]