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BBC America Releases Doctor Who-Themed Yule Log

For the Whovians among us, BBC America has released a video yule log of the Tardis to help promote the Doctor Who Christmas Special that airs tomorrow night. It is, of course, the final time we’ll see the 12th Doctor played by Peter Capaldi before he regenerates into the 13th Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker. […]

Amazon Sets Rose Parade, Philip K. Dick, and Doctor Who for January 2018

Not to be outdone, Amazon reminded viewers that there are more than just two streaming service giants and showed that they’re ready to hit the ground running in 2018 with a strong lineup of films, series, documentaries, and more. From Cord Hosenbeck (Will Ferrell) and Tish Cattigan (Molly Shannon) finally achieving their dream of covering the […]

Doctor Who: Watch BBC America’s Official Twice Upon a Time Christmas Special Trailer

BBC America has released the official trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special. Called Twice Upon a Time, the episode will mark the end of Steven Moffat’s tenure as Doctor Who showrunner and Peter Capaldi’s time as the Doctor, and we’ll see Capaldi’s regeneration into new Doctor Jodie Whittaker. Chris Chibnall takes over as […]

Doctor Who Christmas Special Gifts Fans With Teaser Poster, Synopsis

Think of it as Steven Moffat‘s form of a Doctor Who advent calendar. As the days march closer to Christmas, the outgoing series showrunner and BBC continue to treat Who fans to previews of the eagerly anticipated Doctor Who Christmas Special: Twice Upon a Time. What makes this year’s special different from many of the others […]

Christmas Comes Early With Sneak Peek At Doctor Who’s Twice Upon A Time

BBC has released a sneak peek at the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special: Twice Upon A Time. The episode will be the last for both 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat, as both will be moving on after the episode. It will also feature Capaldi’s regeneration into Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor, plus David […]

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Doctor Who Season 11 Will Reportedly Have Longer Episodes, But Only 10 Of Them

With new showrunner Chris Chibnall taking over Doctor Who for its upcoming eleventh season, its reasonable to expect some major changes. But in addition to Jodie Whittaker‘s female Doctor, a new report from UK Tabloid The Mirror suggests that the show’s very schedule could be affected. While seasons of the show have typically lasted for […]

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Peter Capaldi From Madison Square Garden At New York Comic Con

Jason Borelli writes for Bleeding Cool from New York Comic Con: The changing of the guard is upon Doctor Who once again. This Christmas marks the finale of Peter Capaldi’s tenure as the Doctor, in ‘Twice Upon A Christmas’. He will be replaced by Jodie Whittaker, the first woman to assume the role. But for […]

Doctor Who Christmas Special Will Deal With “Casual Chauvinism” Of First Doctor

When the Doctor Who Christmas Special comes around this year, we’ll be treated not only to a changing of the guard as Peter Capaldi‘s twelfth Doctor finally regenerates. We’ll also be treated to interaction between Capaldi and David Bradley, portraying William Hartnell‘s first Doctor. But that interaction might not go so smoothly, because while the […]

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Salary Revealed In BBC Transparency Move

The BBC is a peculiar institution. Not a state broadcaster, but a public broadcaster, it is mostly funded by the BBC licence fee, which anyone in Britain who watches live TV is legally liable to pay. Watching TV without a TV licence is a criminal matter rather than a civil concern and those who don’t […]

Representation Matters: Why Now Is The Time For A Female Doctor

Yesterday saw the news that actress Jodie Whittaker will be regenerating into the first female Doctor, and we consequently saw an ocean of male tears flood Twitter, the Daily Mail comments sections and various other avenues for the dispossessed white, male, middle-aged and older populace who find the most superficial of changes more than life […]

‘Doctor Who’: We Knew Jodie Whittaker Was New Who Before River Song

With today’s announcement from BBC 1 that actress Jodie Whittaker (Broadchurch, Attack the Block) would be assuming the role of the 13th Doctor beginning with Doctor Who‘s 2017 Christmas Special and continuing full-time in 2018 with Series 11,  there’s been no shortage of praise for (and some whining about) the glass ceiling-shattering decision. Playing “Monday […]

SDCC 2017: Capaldi’s Final Bow For ‘Doctor Who’; ‘Dirk Gently’ Debuts

With Peter Capaldi’s series finale on Doctor Who airing this weekend on BBC One and BBC America and his final turn as The Doctor happening during this year’s Christmas Special, Who is bringing The Twelfth Doctor back for a final victory lap at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego (SDCC 2017). Joining Who this […]

Time And Place: The Many Settings Of The Doctor’s Regenerations

Since the return of Doctor Who in 2005, the Doctor has generally regenerated inside the TARDIS. It is meant to help the process, the Doctor and the TARDIS being intrinsically linked. Christopher Eccleston‘s Doctor told Rose she was fantastic — and so was he, after they left the Bad Wolf Station. David Tennant‘s Doctor threw the […]

Will We Discover The New Doctor Who Next Week?

We have, to date, never been surprised by the identity of the new Doctor Who. In the classic days, it was announced in the newspapers. With New Who, David Tennant made the news long before he got his new teeth, Matt Smith got his own TV announcement programme, Peter Capaldi got a live announcement show. But […]

David Suchet Talks About Being On Doctor Who

David Suchet guests on the latest episode of Doctor Who called Knock Knock. Suchet plays the Landlord and the video contains spoilers for the episode of you have not already seen it. The former Poirot actor talks about acting with CGI, working with the cast and crew of Doctor Who and getting to work once again […]

Trailer For Next Week’s Doctor Who: Oxygen

We’ve all just watched Doctor Who: Knock Knock over in Britain. On BBC America later. But as for next week… Oxygen. ‘Space – the final frontier. Final because it wants to kill us.’ Trapped on a space station with no oxygen, the Doctor, Bill and Nardole are horrified to discover the automated spacesuits keeping them […]