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Things To Do In Vancouver, WA Tomorrow If You Like Comics

If you live in Vancouver, WA and like comics, then you should check out I Like Comics tomorrow May 9th from noon to 3 pm when the store is hosting a signing. The guests are Gail Simone, writer and architect for Dynamite’s all-female written summer event Swords of Sorrow. Gail will be there with Pete […]

Pete Woods Covers Swords Of Sorrow For Retailer Exclusive

Dynamite’s big summer event, Swords of Sorrow #1 has a few variant covers already but now Pete Woods has has done an exclusive variant cover for I Like Comics in Vancouver, WA. The first issue of the all-female written and lead comic event comes out in May. If you are interested in getting one, check […]

Who Is Drawing The Multiversity Guidebook Anyway? (TO UPDATE)

Grant Morrison has written the Multiversity Guidebook. But who is drawing it? The DC Comics website lists Ben Oliver, Chris Sprouse, Dan Jurgens, Cameron Stewart, Klaus Janson, Gary Frank, Nicola Scott and “Various”. Whereas Amazon lists Giuseppe Camuncoli, Jae Lee, Jon Bogdanove, Gary Frank, Todd Nauck, Chris Sprouse, Andrew Robinson, Duncan Rouleau, Cameron Stewart, Pete […]

Pete Woods, Redesigning The New Gods With Glee

Pete Woods tweeted this weekend, When DC Comics asks you to redesign the New Gods do you decline because haters gonna hate, or do you dive in with glee? I know my answer. — Pete Woods (@thatpetewoods) August 16, 2014 The wording suggests that it will be with glee. Which generated a little discussion. @thatpetewoods […]

Straczynski And Woods Team For Terminator: The Final Battle

It’s being reported that writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Pete Woods have been tapped by Dark Horse Comics to produce a new twelve-issue series Terminator: The Final Battle. The story will focus on the time after Salvation as John Connor fights to save the Human Race against the ever growing threat of Skynet.       […]

Avengers Assemble Cancelled (UPDATE: Oh No It Isn’t)

From the Marvel Subscription newsletter… Title Changes Coming! Avengers Assemble will be ending soon, and all subscribers will roll over to Avengers written by Marvel superstar Jonathan Hickman. Avenging Spider-Man will be ending, and all subscribers will be switching to the all new Superior Spider-Man Team-Up written by Christopher Yost. Last but not least Marvel […]

Marvel’s Land Grab On DC In March

DC may have got Alex Maleev to do a few Batman pages. But in March, Marvel have new books from Mahmud Asrar, Pete Woods and Paul Cornell who have, of late, been only seen working for DC Comics on books such as Supergirl, Legion Lost, Demon Knights and Stormwatch. But in March, they’re on Ultimate […]

Did Jeff Lemire Tease His Green Arrow Gig Via NYCC Clothing Choice?

With Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino announced as the new creative team for Green Arrow ahead of their expected announcement date of November 7th – as well as 52 state-based covers for Justice League of America #1, new books Vibe by Arrow‘s Andrew Kreisberg and Pete Woods, the previously rumoured Katana by Ann Nocenti and […]

Pete Woods Joins In The Liefeld Debate

Pete Woods of Legion Of Superheroes had a different take on Rob Liefeld‘s tweets. Posting on Facebook he wrote; It’s funny. Before DCNu I heard a lot of people complaining that DC continuity was all over the place and no one had a plan. I’ve read some of the reactions to what Mr. Leifeld has […]