2019 Gaming Review Guide: PDP Gaming Products

2019 Gaming Review Guide: PDP Gaming Products

Throughout the year we get a ton of products to review for you, in case you have your eye on something and want an opinion on it before purchase. With it being the holidays, we thought we'd go back and look over some of the stuff that came our way from various companies who sent […]

Revisiting the MARS Arcade Shooter From PDP at PX East 2019

Clear back at E3, PDP (Performance Designed Products) introduced us to their new MARS system. This time around at PAX East, we wanted to see where it was at. If you're not familiar with this system, the company has made a camera that monitors your television while you use up to four pistol-like guns to […]

PDP Reveals Nintendo Switch Controller With Integrated In-Game Chat

PDP Reveals Nintendo Switch Controller With Integrated In-Game Chat

Some cool news from PDP today as they have released details for the Faceoff Deluxe+ Audio Wired Controller for the Nintendo Switch. This particular controller will integrate in-game chat and game audio through a 3.5MM jack on the bottom of the controller. The product was made with the help of Vivox, who provided the tools […]

Review: PDP's Smash Bros. Wired Fight Pad Pro

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is on the way, and PDP is fully aware that there are gamers who desperately want to play it with a Game Cube controller. So the company got together with Nintendo and created some officially licensed gear for those who have no love for joy-cons or a pro controller. We got […]

Review: PDP's Kingdom Hearts III Pixel Pals

With Kingdom Hearts III on the horizon, PDP got a new deal with Disney and Square Enix to release a set of Pixel Pals for the upcoming game. Since the company usually does these as a set, we got the four primary characters that they knew people would be most interested in as we have Mickey, […]

PDP MARS Gun E3 2018-1

Shooting Like Crazy with PDP's New MARS Arcade Guns at E3

We didn't quite know what to expect from PDP when we walked into their room at E3 this year, but my oh my were we delightfully surprised. We were introduced to their new interactive item called MARS, which is a new arcade gun for home use. I say arcade gun because we can't really call […]

Pixel Pals March 18-7

Reviewing More Pixelated Heroes from PDP's Pixel Pals

At the time that we're writing this, we're anxiously awaiting to see when the next line of Pixel Pals will be released from PDP. But before we get anything super new from them, we're checking out the few remaining models we haven't reviewed yet as we get to light up Raiden from Mortal Kombat, as […]

Decorating my Nintendo Switch: We Review PDP's Light Up Dock Shield

No insult to the Nintendo Switch or any of the other consoles, but have you noticed how bland they look on the outside. The Switch, when docked, is basically just sitting inside a case being hidden. Now sure, I could slap some stickers on the front of it like I did my NES, SNES, N64, and […]

The Power In My Grasp: We Review PDP's Xbox One Talon Media Remote

A couple months ago we got a brand new Xbox One X, and ever since we've been turning to it more to play other media, simply because you just can't turn down playing a streaming film on a system with 4K that utilizes the HDR. However, we've never really been fans of using game controllers […]

Trying to Get an Edge With Kart Racing: We Review PDP's Hyper Drive Wheel

One of the best and worst items to ever come out of the Wii era for Nintendo was probably the Wii Wheel, primarily designed to be used with Mario Kart titles and whatever other racing games came on the console that used the controller's positioning for steering. The upside was that you got to feel like […]

Gaming Icons Light The Way With The Latest Set Of Pixel Pals

The Pixel Pals line from PDP has been making some really cool designs over the past year, all of which will rekindle your love for cartoons and video games as they turn your precious icons into night lights. The latest batch we received for review is a set of video game characters from God Of War, […]

Two Random Items From Pixel Pals: Dragonborn Meets Superman

In one of the most recent shipments we received of Pixel Pals for review, we got two that just didn't fit into any particular set, so we decided to review them together. Today, we check out the Superman design, as well as the Dragonborn design from Skyrim! As it with all Pixel Pals, both run […]

Pixel Pals Jumps Back Into The Fight With More Street Fighter

PDP was kind enough to send us several new Pixel Pals for us to review. The second set of figures we get to check out this week are from the Street Fighter series, expanding on the four already in the series with Hot Ryu, M. Bison, and Cammy. Much like the designs before them, all […]

Pixel Pals Travel To A Couple Realms In Nintendo

PDP sent me a few new rounds of the Pixel Pals to check out, this time around I have a cool little selection of Nintendo properties that I get to play around with. A Racoon Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3, regular Mario from Super Mario World, and Red Link from the original The Legend […]

Exploring More Pixel Pals With The Joker & Harley Quinn

Last time we talked about the Pixel Pals from PDP, we got a copy of Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter to review. Since then, a few things have changed. First, PDP just got a TON of new IPs to add to their collection, which they showed off at E3 this year and we'll start seeing […]

A Remote Control I Desperately Needed: We Review PDP's PS4 Media Remote

The PlayStation 4 can do a lot of great things, and one of those things is play DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Owning a PS4 eliminates the need for many media players if you manage the drive space properly. Something that the PS4 doesn't come with that it sorely needed was a remote control. I don't […]

Lighting Up Your Geeky Home: We Review The 'Street Fighter' Pixel Pals

I dig it when companies make toys that both teens and adults would play with and display. Because at some level, the TMNT figure your kids are playing with are toys that you would be playing with if you were their age—and let's be honest, if you had the free cash you'd be buying and […]

Short Switch Trips With Protection In The Premium Console Case

The last of the items we received for review from PDP is the Premium Console Case for the Nintendo Switch. A lot of people would argue that you can just throw your Switch into your backpack and go without needing one, but for people who can't shill out another $300 after breaking their system, these […]

Finding A Weird Comfort As We Review The Joy-Con Gel Guards

Much like the Nintendo Wii before it, there's a pretty good chance that people are going to play with the Nintendo Switch's joy-cons and not use the wrist attachments. And while these things may not be enough to break a TV the way the Wii-motes did, we're pretty sure these will put a crack in […]

A Way To Make The Nintendo Switch Portable With The PDP Elite Player Backpack

One of the big selling items to the Nintendo Switch was portability. The idea that I can take this thing anywhere and game from wherever I feel like. Small catch: Nintendo didn't include anything to make traveling easy. You'd think they would have thrown in a small case or something since you're already plunking down […]