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Futurama Santa Claus

Our Top Five Best On-Screen Santa Claus Picks

The release of Netflix’s The Christmas Chronicles has Kurt Russell donning the red suit as Santa Claus, but was he the best one? Here are my five picks for best Santa Clauses on TV and film, in no particular order: Futurama – Robot Santa Claus John Goodman plays a memorable role as Robot Santa, because […]

Morgan Isn’t Feeling Quite Herself

So far the clips and previews we’ve seen for the new 20th Century Fox film Morgan have been more on the creepy / mysterious side. This new clips is just as creepy having it set to What A Beautiful Baby, but here we get to see Morgan in action and get a better idea of […]

Getting The Human-like Killing Machine Angry Is Never A Good Idea

The new film Morgan from 20th Century Fox looks pretty interesting. It stars Kate Mara as a corporate troubleshooter sent to a top-secret location to investigate a terrifying accident. She finds that the cause of the event is a normal looking ‘human’ with extraordinary and frightening powers. The film also stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Toby Jones, Rose […]

New Clips And Behind-The-Scenes Footage From San Andreas

In a push to promote their upcoming film San Andreas, Warner Bros has released six clips from the film and a sixteen minute B-roll video. The earthquake disaster film starring Dwayne Johnson, Paul Giamatti, Carla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario focuses on the aftermath from a 9.0 quake hitting the San Andreas faultline. San Andreas hits […]

Cosmopolis – The Other Bleeding Cool Review

Had Cosmopolis worked, it probably would have turned out as something between Mary Harron’s American Psycho and Martin Scorsese’s After Hours. It is both a Ulyssean tale of one man’s journey from the affluence and decadence of his adulthood back to the innocence of his childhood, and a cautionary tale of a business prodigy so […]

Robert Lantos Tells Us Five Things About Barney’s Version

Canadian film producer Robert Lantos has worked with and nurtured many great talents, including two of my personal favourites, Atom Egoyan and David Cronenberg. His outstanding films range from Patrica Rozema’s When Night Is Falling to Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises. Last year, his long-cherished adaptation of the Mordecai Richler novel Barney’s Version finally made it to […]

Our Ironclad Review – “Gloriously Daft And Exceptionally Bloodthirsty”

Ben Mortimer reviews Ironclad for Bleeding Cool: About ten minutes into Ironclad, a deranged King John, played with relish by Paul Giamatti, calls the captain of his band of Danish mercenaries over, and whispers in his ear. A few seconds later, all hell breaks loose, as clergymen are mutilated, noblemen are executed, and James Purefoy’s, Knight […]

David Cronenberg Casts Robert Pattinson In Cosmopolis

The last time we were talking about Cosmopolis, it was Colin Farrell who was going to have to lay down naked in the middle of a Manhattan road with Marion Cotillard; now, it’s set to be Robert Pattinson, the poor, unfortunate pin-up of Twihards everywhere. The film is being adapted from Don De Lillo’s novel […]

Former President Bill Clinton Is In The Hangover 2

The last top-up to the Hangover 2 cast saw Paul Giamatti book his plane tickets to Thailand for an unspecified role. That was quite unexpected, I think… but not as unexpected as this. Former President Bill Clinton has been seen on the set of the movie, and TMZ have stated that he actually has a part […]

Paul Giamatti Starring In Don Coscarelli’s John Dies At The End

Back in early 2008, Don Coscarelli took the rights to adapt David Wong’s novel John Dies at the End into a feature film. Skip forward over two years and, in recent days, he took to Twitter and began sharing: Writing from an undisclosed location. Pre-production begins. Most only ride in a hearse once. Some are […]