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"WandaVision" Set for Spring 2021

“WandaVision” Set for Spring 2021

2021 is going to be as chock-full of Marvel, just like any other year for the last 11 years. Kevin Feige went on stage to talk about WandaVision, the spinoff series featuring the Scarlet Witch and the Vision that will be on streaming service Disney+. Feige brought Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany went on stage at the […]

Disney+ 'WandaVision' Series Starts Filming This Fall Says Elizabeth Olsen

Disney+ ‘WandaVision’ Series Starts Filming This Fall Says Elizabeth Olsen

Marvel Studios is about to unleash Avengers: Endgame on the world this week. While yes, it’ll be the end of an era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s far from the last thing we’ll be seeing with some Avengers team members. There are several series in the works at Disney+, the House of Mouse’s streaming service […]

Mark Hamill, Rian Johnson, and More Review Solo: A Star Wars Story

Yes, we’re a little late writing up the reaction roundup from the world premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story, but in our defense it was because of the tv cancellations. So two nights ago, with the Millennium Falcon parked just outside the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, the second stand-alone Star Wars film premiered to a […]

Jeff Goldblum Hosts the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Press Day Press Conference

Imagine if you will, seeing the entire cast of Avengers: Infinity War actually assembled together for a press day. That’s what happened just this afternoon in Los Angeles as Disney and Marvel opened the doors to scores of reporters. Hosted by none other than The Grandmaster Jeff Goldblum himself, the hour-long press conference is pretty Marvel-ous. This is […]

A Bunch of New Solo: A Star Wars Story Character Posters Just Dropped

Solo: A Star Wars Story is coming out in less than a month! This morning we got a look at nine new character posters for the film. Han Solo himself, Lando, Qi’Ra, Chewbacca, L3-37, Val, Beckett, Dryden, and Rio all get the spotlight. This feels like the first great look Thandie Newton‘s Val that I […]

Solo: A Star Wars Story – New Look at Dryden Vos and Mandalorian Armor

We finally have a story trailer out, but we still don’t know much about what happens in Solo: A Star Wars Story. We know that Han gets himself in trouble with a gangster at some point, but not much about that gangster. However, we have a new image from Empire Magazine of Paul Bettany as […]

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Avengers: Infinity War Stars Plan to Attend Edinburgh Comic Con in Disguise?

The Scotsman reports that 20 minutes of Avengers: Infinity War is to be screened early in Edinburgh and London, featuring scenes filmed in Edinburgh. The movie is released in the US and the UK on the 26th April, with an LA premiere on the 23rd, but they state that this event will take place on the […]

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Netflix’s The Crown Might Have Paul Bettany in Their Vision for Season 3

While yes, I’m still struggling to wrap my head around the choice to completely recast the absolutely fabulous award-winning ensemble from Netflix’s The Crown for season 3, some of the names being mentioned are pretty good. It was announced earlier this year that Oscar nominee Helena Bonham Carter will be taking over the role of Princess Margaret […]

Super Villains Eat Puppy Brains And Baby Hearts For Breakfast

I love and hate Ask Marvel. I hate it because here you have people you could ask some seriously questions to either get at the heart of their craft or some insight into their current projects and instead the fans come up with fluff questions like, “What football position each Avenger would play?” But I […]

Chris Evans Would Really Be On #TeamIronMan And “A Little Digital Simulation Never Hurt Anybody” – Robert Downey Jr At The Civil War Press Conference

I popped by the Captain America: Civil War press conference at the Corinthia Hotel in London this afternoon – and it is easier to say who wasn’t there than why was. Basically, Black Panther, War Machine, Everett Ross, Aunt May, Crossbones, Spider-Man and Black Widow. Instead, we had Kevin Feige, the Russos, Chris Evans, Robert Downey […]

Robert Downey Jr. Takes Credit For Marvel’s Success

Jimmy Kimmel’s week of Marvel Heroes continued last night with a visit from Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Emily VanCamp and Paul Bettany. The conversation is light and fun, which is what you’d expect with Downey. The Iron Man star admitted to having taken home the giant A that was on the ground at the […]

Paul Bettany On Omnipotent and Yet Totally Naive Vision And Civil War

Yesterday, we reported Paul Bettany appeared at AsiaPop Comic-Con in The Philippines over the weekend after a presentation of the Captain America: Civil War sizzle reel from the D23 Expo. Today, Heroic Hollywood has excerpts from the actor’s Q&A in which he addressed working on Civil War and playing Vision. “He must be both omnipotent […]

Details From That D23 Captain America: Civil War Sizzle Reel

Latino Review points to a thread on Reddit detailing various points from the Captain America: Civil War sizzle reel that screened at D23 Expo back in August. Reddit user “murdockmanilla” writes, “A big major convention was held in my country for what I think is the first time. One of the biggest draws of this […]

Paul Bettany Isn’t His Daughter’s Favorite Avenger

Paul Bettany was a guest on Conan last night where he was asked about his children and their reaction to their father being a superhero. His daughter’s response is great and we learn that her favorite character is not The Vision, but rather Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. It breaks the poor guys heart. […]

Home Video: Age of Ultron Behind The Scenes Tease

With Avengers: Age of Ultron coming to home video on October 2nd, clips from the special features are starting to make their way onto the internet, like Tuesday’s video of James Spader in a motion capture suit. Today’s clip, courtesy of JoBlo Trailers, features Paul Bettany‘s transformation into the film’s other major android character, Vision: […]