Mondo Black Friday Sale Includes Thor: Ragnarok And More

Mondo is having a Black Friday sale with exclusive posters, art books, figures, and pins. The Sale begins on their site at 12 Central. Let’s take a look at what is being offered: Thor: Ragnarok by Matt Taylor The first one with the green tint is limited to 425 and costs $60. The orange version […]

Online Only Trailer For Paranorman Is Full Of Beautiful, Stylised Images

Tristan Oliver‘s cinematography has captured the bold, stylised colour designs of Paranorman beautifully and this web-only trailer really shows off some of the more extreme shots. We’re talking about almost Wong Kar Wai richness of colour, just pouring off the screen, in some of these scenes. So watch it full screen on the biggest screen […]

Paranorman’s In The News – Read A New Edition Of The Blithe Hollow Bugle

Paranorman is the next picture due from the amassed stop-motion wunderkinds at Laika. It’s the kind of film that can only be made with truly staggering attention to detail. I’m glad to see some of that is carrying over into the marketing campaign too. Today, we’re getting to premiere the new edition of The Blithe […]

Stop Motion Zombie Busting – Second Trailer For Paranorman Has Got The Look

The model designs don’t live up to those in their debut picture, Coraline, but this second film from stop-motion house Laika has clearly maintained the same richness of texture. I’m sure that Paranorman is going to be an easy, lush watch at the very least, for all of the exquisite craft and model-making. classid=’clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000′ id=’orcrt4mv’ […]

First Teaser Trailer For Stop-Motion Picture Paranorman

The second film from stop-motion specialists Laika is Paranorman, a creepy kids’ tale that works the same vibe as their earlier Coraline as much as possible. They seem to be actively pursuing a piegeo… a niche. Good for them? Without Coraline director Henry Sellick, or the foundations of Neil Gaiman’s invention, then Paranorman seems like […]

Here Comes ParaNorman From Stop Motion Studio Laika – First Image, Plot, Cast And More

Animation maestro Henry Selick, director of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline, might have left stop motion studio Laika behind, but they’re solidering on without him. Their next project will be, as was long since thought, ParaNorman. It marks the first of a two-picture deal with Focus Features and is another creepy kids yarn, though this […]