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Cliff Chiang, Writing, Drawing, Colouring, Lettering New DC Black Label Comic

The Image Comics panels celebrating the recently-concluded series Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang, may not have meant to make news for DC Comics. I'm sure that's the last thing moderator, and publisher of Image Comics, Eric Stephenson had on his mind. But you never know where the conversation will go. Anyway, […]

Saga Co-Creator Brian K. Vaughan Signs 3-Year Overall Deal with Legendary Entertainment

Comic book creator and television/film writer Brian K. Vaughan is teaming with Legendary Entertainment, signing a three-year overall deal with the studio. Under the terms of the contract, Legendary will adapt several of Vaughan's creator-owned comics; and produce exclusive, original Vaughan-created projects developed for film and television across both traditional and non-traditional platforms. "Legendary was instrumental in helping […]

Image comics at nycc 2017

Image Comics Gives Us A Peek Into The Creative Process At NYCC

Rosilyne Bean wrote from New York Comic Con 2017: Today, Image Comics closed NYCC with a panel entitled Image Comics: The Future of Storytelling. David Brothers (Branding Manager at Image Comics) hosted the panel, and was joined by Marjorie Liu (Monstress), Cliff Chiang (Paper Girls), Kyle Higgins (Hadrian's Wall), Nikki Ryan (The Family Trade), Andrew […]

Brian K. Vaughan Talks Saga Vol. 6 And Other Things You Should Read

While glancing over my list of comics releasing tomorrow, I realized that Saga Vol. 6 TP is out tomorrow. Now, I'm a monthly reader, but for those of you who prefer to binge the series, it will surely be an exciting day. Writer Brian K. Vaughan commented on the release praising his fellow Saga creator Fiona Staples. As you […]

A Comic Show – Eighties Paper Girls And Nineties X-Men

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop, Orlando, writes, Hey Fandom! I'm back with a stack of new comics now! This was a lighter week, but it had a book I'm suggesting to everyone: Paper Girls volume one! It's $9.99, but Saga's BVK, and has superstar Cliff Chiang's art. Also, Saga #35 is out. The Walking […]

A Comic Show – B-Boy Bromance & Paper Girl Power!

Aaron Haaland writes, Hey Fandom! It's the first Wednesday of the new year, and we can officially sell the Marvel books meant for next week early! It's a strong showing for female lead titles this week with Bitch Planet, Paper Girls, and an A-Force set in the main Marvel universe. Doctor Strange pukes…like a lot. […]

Thor's Comic Review Column – Paper Girls #1, Marvel Superhero Contest Of Champions, Archie #3, Jughead #1, Secret Wars #6, Secret Wars: Siege #4, Secret Wars: Old Man Logan #5, Marvel's Jessica Jones #1, Avengers #0

THIS WEEK'S REVIEWS: Paper Girls #1 Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions TP vol. 1 Archie #3 Jughead #1 Secret Wars #6 Secret Wars: Siege #4 Secret Wars: Old Man Logan #5 Marvel's Jessica Jones #1 Avengers #0 Paper Girls #1 (Image Comics, $3.99) By Devon Sanders (@devonsanders) Paper Girls #1 is a very special […]

The F Word – Paper Girls And Miracleman

Last month, Bleeding Cool featured a report on the Whatever store, a San Francisco comic book-and-related shop run by this married couple, Rich and Cougar. This week they posted, regarding the new Paper Girls comic book from Brian K Vaughan and Cliff Chiang from Image Comics, an eighties-set "Stand By Her" type drama. They wrote, […]

Paper Girls – An Apple A Day Keeps The Nightmares Away?

Paper Girls begins with a dream. One that combines science and religion, female empowerment and slavery, the potential of great things and the threat of the bad that may drag them down. Oh and the Challenger explosion played out on an astronaut helmet that resembled nothing as much as it does the Robots from Saga. […]

A Comic Show: Paper Girls & All The Different Marvels!

 Aaron Holland writes, Hey Fandom! This is the best and biggest week of comics ever! If you don't walk out of a comic shop with a new book this week, you should probably stop calling yourself a comic fan. The best book in this overpopulated week is Paper Girls by BKV and Cliff Chiang. It's […]