Overwatch Contenders

Blizzard Releases Details On The “Overwatch” Contenders Gauntlet in Seoul

Blizzard unveiled their plans for their upcoming Gauntlet match in Seoul, South Korea for the Overwatch Contenders League. The event will take place from October 9th-13th at the Giga Arena, with tickets going on sale September 9th. The Gauntlet will be played with Overwatch‘s 2-2-2 role lock enforced, and all Overwatch League teams have been […]

Regarding Women, esports, and “Ellie”

Women in esports is a pretty touchy subject on multiple sides. There are the fans who think women don’t do well in professional esports because women are bad at games. There are the conspiracy theorists who think the only women who are good at esports get to their top ranks due to cheating. There are […]

Overwatch Contender Player “Ellie” Confirmed as a False Identity

Overwatch Contender team Second Wind added a new player to their roster just before the new year, but the player in question quickly received negative attention from Overwatch esports fans. A new player hit the top 10 ranks on the Overwatch NA server and was revealed to be a player known as “Ellie”. Second Wind had […]

Overwatch Team Second Wind Loses Female Player Due to Doxxing Threats

The Overwatch Contenders team Second Wind has announced that their female player, Ellie, has stepped down from the team just weeks after signing. As reported by Variety, her decision to back out of the team comes in the wake of doxxing threats and harassment from members of the Overwatch community. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen reactions, Ellie has opted […]