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'Call of the Wild': Watch Harrison Ford Yell at a Bear in First Trailer

‘Call of the Wild’: Watch Harrison Ford Yell at a Bear in First Trailer

Call of the Wild, a new adaptation of the Jack London novel, debuted its trailer this morning. A “line-action, animation hybrid”, this version stars Han Solo himself Harrison Ford as John Thornton. This was supposed to release on Christmas Day this year, but was pushed back by Disney after the purchase of Fox, so as […]

Casting Roundup: Danny Trejo, Vincent D’Onofrio, Omar Sy, And Pelé

Danny Trejo reprises an old role, the newest Liam Neeson ass-kicking session gets some new cast members and a Pele biopic is on its way in today’s roundup. • Apparently Robert Rodriguez is launching his own TV channel and apparently there’s going to be a series version of his film From Dust ‘Till Dawn running […]

The Surreal Sets Of Michel Gondry’s Next, Mood Indigo

The production design of Michel Gondry‘s films is always rather detailed, even in the atypically naturalistic Green Hornet. At his best, Gondry creates three dimensional versions of pure imagination, pokes in his camera and pulls the audience across the screen to another world. The particular other world of Mood Indigo,  Gondry’s adaptation of The Foam on […]